Cinderella: Why You Should Have Courage And Be Kind
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Cinderella: Why You Should Have Courage And Be Kind

Fairy tales do have good lessons to teach so listen up.

Cinderella: Why You Should Have Courage And Be Kind

My first memory of Cinderella was when I was little. My mom told the story to my brother and I right before we went to bed. I remember listening to her words attentively and hanging on to each word she spoke. To this day my favorite fairy tale is Cinderella. Recently on March 13, 2015 the movie Cinderella came out featuring Lily James as Cinderella and Richard Madeen as Prince Charming. It is now my favorite movie of all time.

There is a beauty to Cinderella's tale because as I watch her constantly being poorly treated by her wicked step mother and hideous step sisters I am rooting for her silently and I know she will come out on top and that is not just because I know the ending, but because of who Cinderella is.

In the beginning of the movie when Cinderella is still young her mother's last words to her were simply to, "have courage and be kind" and that will get her through all of life's tribulations . Her mother was right.

Yet, that is not the easiest motto to live by, especially when there is a group of people constantly tearing you down. Of course, Cinderella is only human and she breaks down crying after a while because she can't bare the wrath of hatred being thrown at her. After all, she has lost her parents, has no real human friends, and is a servant in her own home. However, just as narrated in the movie if she didn't run into the forrest on her horse she would have never meet Mr. Kit (aka Prince Charming).

This translates into real life pretty well because sometimes the biggest obstacles and difficulties that we have to face are the ones that lead us to a blessing. Cinderella's struggles lead her to a prince who loves her for just who she was, because after all she didn't have anything. Her struggles lead her straight to the ball and into the arms of the Prince. They lead her to her first dance. They lead her to beautiful moments she will never forget.

I also love this tale because it preaches to be a good person. Because why not? Isn't it so much harder to be rude, hurtful, and inconsiderate all the time? When you are kind, just as the movie says to be, you are not filled a heavy bitterness in your heart, unlike the stepmother. Yet, at the same time you should have the ability to have courage and stand up of yourself, just as Cinderella does when she stands up to her stepmother right before the ball and when she leaves to marry the Prince. After watching the entire movie and seeing Cinderella end up with the Prince (who she thought was an apprentice) it makes you think that anything is possible. That no matter where you start you can end up somewhere in life being happy simply by having courage and being kind. In other words by being a good person. This is why I love Cinderella and can watch the movie a million times knowing that each time I will love it more and more. I mean after all don't you love happy endings?

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