Christmas Traditions: New Mexican Style

Over the years my family has a few traditions we like to keep up every Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

  1. Having Enchiladas and Posole every Christmas Eve. Garcia’s has the best enchiladas so shout out to them and their service. Seriously, they’re lifesavers.
  2. Going down to Old Town at midnight to walk around and look at the Church lights, the big Christmas Tree, and the beautiful farolitos. We do this every year no matter how cold it is. Yes we freeze our butts off almost every year but the lights and the quiet are so peaceful and a wonderful way to end the night.
  3. Christmas Day! We head over to my Aunt Mary’s and hang with family and later that night we continue to feast on Enchiladas and Posole. We always make enough to feed a small country.
  4. Game time!!!! Seriously this is one of my favorite parts. We play Loaded Questions, Poop On Your Neighbor (sounds bizarre but is so fun), and Cards Against Humanity (Sorry Mom). The inside jokes that come out of these games are memorable for years to come.
  5. GRAB BAG, also known as White Elephant! This is the best part of Christmas Day. In our family, it is every man for themselves, and our family takes no mercy. Last year I got a framed picture of an otter (thanks, Emily) but this year I made out like a bandit and got a super soft blanket! You win some and you will definitely lose some but everyone always comes out laughing. The best part is this plastic tennis racket that is actually a food platter; someone always gets stuck with it and it is always hilarious.

These are just a few of the traditions we’ve kept over the years but they always bring smiles and joy to everyone that is here. Thank you to all my family for making sure Christmas is always fun. Some of my best memories are because I have been so blessed with amazing family. Happy Holidays to everyone!

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