9 Times the Characters in Our Favorite Christmas Specials Were Complete Savages

9 Times the Characters in Our Favorite Christmas Specials Were Complete Savages



From a 25-year-old adult's point-of-view, watching these Christmas specials that once had me glued to the screen as a child instead left me SHOOK.

In case you never noticed—many of those characters were COLD AS ICE to one another!

And they're supposed to represent the true spirit of Christmas??


Allow me to show you what I mean:

1. When Snoopy boos Charlie Brown after Lucy greets him as the director of the pageant.

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you...

2. When good 'ol Donner, Rudolph's dad, makes him feel super insecure about his shiny red nose and forces him to hide it.

Poor Rudolph is probably still suffering from "daddy issues" to this day...

3. How about when the ticket clerk yells at sweet little Karen for not being able to afford a $3000 train ticket?


4. OH and what about the time when Santa totally dissed the Elves' FIRE Christmas carol and just walked out?

They slave away for you without a workers' union and this is how you treat them??

5. And when Lucy insults everyone and anyone she lays her eyes on during those 30 minutes.

Charlie Brown, Linus, Snoopy, Schroeder—shall I go on?

6. Remember the time when Santa delivered the news to Rudolph that his family had left to find him?

Rudolph: "Yo, where are my parents??"

Santa: “They left months ago to look for you, I've made no effort to find them, and here's a list of ways that their disappearance inconveniences me."

7. When Professor Hinkle, the deranged magician, locks Frosty and Karen in the warm greenhouse...

(Just like an ABSOLUTE PSYCHOPATH would...)

8. When Lucy's TOTALLY BASIC girlfriends ragged on Charlie Brown for buying what would soon become the underdog of all Christmas trees...

And during rehearsals for the church's Christmas pageant, too! SAVAGE AF.

9. And last but not least, the time when Santa and Frosty drop Karen off at home—STRANDED ON HER ROOFTOP...

"Bye, thanks for the ride home!! I'll just spend my Christmas up here, NBD!"

Do you view these Christmas specials in a different light as an adult? Tweet me your thoughts @missjulia1207!

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