100 Little Christmas Things to Make You Smile
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100 Little Christmas Things to Make You Smile

A list of Christmas traditions that will make you feel warm and fuzzy

100 Little Christmas Things to Make You Smile

1. Impromptu snowball fights

2. The fur of your parka tickling your face 

3. Slightly melted marshmallows in hot cocoa

4. Slipping fuzzy socks on when your toes are cold

5. Proudly wearing an ugly sweater

6. Christmas light shows

7. Wrapping a gift with your favorite wrapping paper

8. The satisfying rip of wrapping paper when you open a gift

9. Christmas music playing like background music in a movie

10. Watching your friend open the gift you know they’ll love

11. Singing Silent Night

12. Wearing mittens

13. Reading The Polar Express

14. Baking cookies

15. Decorating cookies with frosting and candies

16. Making snowballs without wearing gloves

17. Wearing earmuffs

18. Shortbread cookies

19. Singing The First Noel

20. When the Christmas lights are the only lights in the room

21. Really tacky ornaments

22. Falling off your sled into a pile of snow

23. Driving by a snowman made by kids

24. Watching A Charlie Brown Christmas

25. Fresh, untouched snow

26. When the snow looks like glitter

27. Snow angels

28. Singing Joy to the World

29. Stepping on an ice puddle so it crunches

30. ABC Family’s Harry Potter marathon

31. Peppermint crumbles on cookies

32. Glass ball ornaments

33. Singing O Come, All Ye Faithful

34. Cinnamon sticks

35. Reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas

36. Sending Christmas cards

37. Singing O Holy Night

38. Flannel pajamas

39. Red velvet ribbons

40. Cheesy Christmas novels

41. Red and green M&M’s 

42. A child’s handmade ornaments

43. Lighting candles on an advent wreath

44. Handmade stockings hanging from the mantel

45. Reindeer with jingle bells

46. Reading Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

47. Chocolate fudge

48. Lighting candles

49. Advent calendars

50. Horse-drawn carriages

51. Hanging ornaments

52. Singing We Wish You a Merry Christmas

53. Watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

54. Toy trains with metal tracks

55. Golden bells chiming

56. Silver tinsel garlands

57. Those peanut butter cookies with a Hershey’s kiss in the middle

58. Reading Luke Chapter 2, Verses 1-20

59. Watching White Christmas

60. Pretzels with a Hershey’s kiss and an M&M in the middle

61. Wreaths on door fronts

62. The smell of gingerbread

63. Singing Away in a Manger

64. Snow that lights up when it floats in front of a street light

65. Carolers wandering the streets

66. Evergreen garlands

67. Shaking a snow globe as hard as you can

68. Watching Home Alone

69. Snowflakes shining under a lamp post

70. Playing Christmas songs on the piano

71. Inflatable Christmas decorations

72. Rolling out cookie dough

73. Bows on everything

74. Singing The Twelve Days of Christmas all the way through

75. The shout-outs children add when singing Rudolph

76. Ice skating

77. The sound of jingle bells

78. Singing Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

79. Icicles

80. Driving around and looking at the Christmas lights

81. Snow on evergreens

82. Covering yourself in blankets

83. Sitting by a fireplace

84. Flannel pajamas

85. The anticipation of Christmas Eve

86. Drawing on frosted windows

87. Chocolate-covered pretzels

88. Shortbread cookies

89. Christmas Eve candle light services

90. Singing It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

91. Tacky Santa wrapping paper

92. Silver jingle bells

93. Pine needles stuck to your coat

94. Pillsbury cookies with Christmas shapes in the middle

95. Writing “to� and “from� on a gift tag

96. Listening to Bing Crosby Christmas music

97. Frosted pinecones

98. Choosing your cookie cutters

99. Watching A Christmas Story

100 . Spending time with friends and family

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