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10 Things Dayton Students Should Get For Kids For 'Christmas On Campus'

One Night. One Community. It's time to celebrate Christmas!

10 Things Dayton Students Should Get For Kids For 'Christmas On Campus'

Every year on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception the University of Dayton brings a bunch of local first and second graders to campus for the night to celebrate Christmas. Many of these kids won't have a Christmas like many of us have experienced and the only present they may get is from the student they are paired with for Christmas on Campus. This event is one of the biggest on campus and is even advertised on every tour. It's a magical night full of fun and festivity, but trying to pick a present for your kid can be a nightmare. Don't freak out. Take a look at my list because I've got you covered.

1. Hat, gloves and scarf

This present is a classic and is even recommended by the students who run Christmas on Campus. When in doubt go for a staple that you know your child will be able to put to good use and stay warm this winter.

2. A fuzzy blanket

Here's another classic gift that everyone will love. Who doesn't want a nice fuzzy blanket that they can use to cuddle up on a cold winter night?

3. Coloring book and color pencils

This is a nice gift that your kid can use to be creative. It's something fun and different. Plus your kid can use the colored pencils to color on other things.

4. Barbie

A Barbie can be a great gift for a girl especially since today you can get more than one for pretty cheap. Another great think about Barbies today is that they are becoming more diverse letting every single little girl find a doll that looks like them.

5. Legos

Who doesn't love legos? You can genderize the legos you buy either getting some Lego Friends or Lego Ninjago or you can even go with some basic legos. Legos are great because you can be creative and make a million different things with them over and over again.

6. Board games

This one can be a bit more difficult since the kid might already have the game, but if you get creative you can get your child a great game that they can play over and over again. You could also go for a deck of cards or something else like Uno or Phase 10.

7. Hot Wheels

One thing I know about first and second grade boys is that they love hot wheels. Like literally they love them. Kids can never have enough hot wheels. Plus the amount of games you can play with hot wheels is somehow endless.

8. Crafts

Another great idea is to just go down the craft aisle and just pick some random craft that looks like fun. Pro tip do not let your child open up the gift during Christmas on Campus or you might end up with paint on your coat...

9. Stuffed animal

A stuffed animal is also a great gift that you can give your child. There are tons of options that can be great for girls and boys of all ages. Nobody can have enough stuffed animals anyway.

10. Action figures

You could pick out different types of action figures like superheros, Toy Story characters, Star Wars characters, WWE characters, and even more.

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