Christmas Movies to Enjoy for the Holidays
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Christmas Movies to Enjoy for the Holidays

Thanksgiving's over, Christmas is here, sit down and get into the holiday spirit.

Christmas Movies to Enjoy for the Holidays

So, Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas is slowly descending down upon us and I know that with all the hustle and bustle that exists in our busy lives of college, work, etc. we don't take the time to enjoy the small things like TV and movies anymore. So, take a little while out of your busy day and maybe grab a mug of hot apple cider or hot chocolate and sit in front to the TV, wrapped in a comfy blanket and you're favorite sweater and watch some of these movies for the holidays. I'm sure one is bound to catch your attention.

1. White Christmas-

It is a TRUE classic. My parents and I would watch this movie while we put up and decorate our Christmas tree. It's about 2 World War II soldiers who come home from the war and meet these 2 sisters. They follow them to this lodge in Vermont because the sisters have a gig lined up for the holidays. It's always suppose to be a white Christmas, but when they get there it's not. Throw in some problems and in order to get income coming into the lodge, they decide to put on a Christmas show and invite soldiers and family. It's a heart-warming tale and I love it. Bing Cosby stars and the finale number is the title for the show. It's witty, comedy and romance. It truly brings the spirit of Christmas into the home.

2. Holiday Inn

It's another classic that stars Bing Cosby. His character (Jim) and Lila are members of a performing trio, the third member of their group is Ted (Fred Astaire). Well, Jim and Lila had plans to quit and open up a country inn, but that dream is quickly squashed when Lila and Ted fall in love. So, Jim goes on with his plans for the inn, but turns it into a holidays only entertainment venue, he then books Linda (Marjorie Reynolds) to perform there and a romance is shown to be blooming. It's at this point that we see the return of Ted because Lila has broken his heart and he now sets his sights on Linda. Guess it's something to do with women with L's in their names. But to know what happens at the end you'll have to watch. It's a light-heared tale that will warm even the coldest of hearts.

3. Home Alone 1-4

I mean c'mon. Everyone has to know Home Alone and the mischief that the main characters get into. The fact that in every movie, it's Christmas time and there are people trying to rob others. I mean it set a great example though. STEALING IS BAD! But the antics that the main characters use in order to save the day. The first Home Alone is hard to beat. Kevin McCallister gets left alone in the house while his family flies to Paris, France for the holidays and he does whatever he wants and then encounters 2 bandits that are robbing the homes in the neighborhood. So, he sets traps and somehow he gets away with being left at home by himself. The movies are funny and they teach us a)to make sure we have everything and everyone and b) it teaches life lessons.

4. Polar Express

It's the story that tells us that all we have to do is believe. It involves a young boy and a train ride to the North Pole to meet Santa where he is gifted with a bell from Santa's sleigh.

5. Christmas with the Kranks

A family decides to "quit" Christmas for the holidays because their only daughter won't be with them this year...or so they think. So, they decide to take a cruise instead. It angers the people in their little town and soon they are all judging and turning their backs on them. But surprise, their daughter calls them up a few days before Christmas and tells them she's coming home. Now, the Kranks have to scramble to get their home ready for Christmas and the community comes together to pull it off.

6. The Holiday

What do you do when your heart gets broken before the holidays? You do a house swap with someone in a different country. That's what Amanda and Iris do. One goes to the one's home in Surrey, England and the other to her mansion in L.A.. What better way to spend the holidays right? By yourself with no men. That quickly changes when Amanda's ex's friend Miles and Iris start a friendship and they quickly fall in love and then Amanda meets Iris' widower brother and they start a romance, both knowing they have to return to their homes after the holidays. It's a light hearted romantic comedy perfect for the Christmas season because it shows that even though we're not looking for romance it finds us in the unlikeliest of times.

7. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Teaches us it's okay to be different. This tells us the story of how Rudolph came to be and that without him Christmas would not have happened because he was the one who guided Santa's sleight during a fog storm.

8. The Santa Clause

So, what do you do when you kill Santa? You become him! Of course, that includes white hair, a beard, the Santa suit and managing the entire operation. So, he has to be ready for the next Christmas to role around to do the job that brings cheer to millions of people all over the world.

9. Elf

When Buddy was born he was left at an orphanage and on Christmas Eve. climbed into Santa's sack and unbeknownst to him took him back to the North Pole. Buddy grows up with the elves and being an elf, never knowing he wasn't until he decides to go and find his family. He finds them and his father turns out to be this cynical business man who has no time for family.

10. A Boyfriend for Christmas

A young girl wished for a boyfriend when she was 13 years old, skip forward 20 years and she believes that wish may have come true. Deception occurs though when the young woman realizes that this is the man who took away Christmas from a family because he didn't show up to court and he doesn't tell her who he is. But it all works out in the end because Christmas is a time for forgiveness and starting over.

11. It's A Wonderful Life

"Every time a bell rings, an angel gets it's wings." A man is on the verge of suicide, until his guardian angel intervenes and shows him what life would be like if he never lived. It's enough to show him that his life is worth it and that it is rich in everything one could ever dream of.

12. Hallmark- Always go with Hallmark. They bring the true meaning into any home. And Countdown to Christmas is always a treat.

So, Happy Holidays from mine to yours and remember the seasons tidings and what the holiday is really about. Sit down and watch an old classic or a light hearted comedy with the family and enjoy the time together.

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