Whether you spend your Christmas mornings waking up extra early or sleeping a little bit later, everyone celebrates Christmas Day differently. If you need something to change things up a bit, try these Christmas morning traditions many people do all over.

1. Breakfast

Everyone loves a good breakfast, so why not make a special Christmas morning tradition? Find a family recipe or a new Christmas recipe to start enjoying family time around the table on Christmas morning.

2. Pajamas

Have matching family PJ's that everyone wears on Christmas morning to start the day off in a fun and festive way.

3. Gingerbread Houses

Build your own gingerbread house on Christmas morning with your friends and family close by.

4. Christmas Movies

Spend your Christmas morning on the couch with your family while watching a classic Christmas movie and drinking a nice warm cup of hot chocolate, coffee, or apple cider.

5. Pictures/Videos

Make your own Christmas family pictures or videos to help keep all the memories you make every Christmas.

6. Baking

Bake Christmas cookies, cupcakes, or treats to enjoy the rest of the day while spending time with family.

7. The Christmas Story

Pick someone different each year to read the Christmas Story out of the Bible. This will remind everyone what the true meaning of Christmas really is.

Whether old traditions need to be revamped or new traditions need to be started, make this Christmas morning one to always remember.