Millennials, Christmas Isn't About You, It's About Everyone Else

My generation of young people have quite the reputation of being very politically active in today's society. We use social media to promote our viewpoints and raise awareness. We try to stay actively updated on what's going on in the news, and stay involved in the discussion. We attend protests, protest in our own ways, and we most importantly do not stay silent regarding something we feel passionately about.

This attitude has maybe gotten a few negative looks from some of the older generations, but it's who we are.

We are passionate about making change happen.

We wish for change, and we are willing to work for it.

We want equality, we want choices, and we want these things for every race and every gender.

This has become the driving force for our generation. We might not all agree on every issue, but we are all about pushing for a better world, and I think that is something everyone should get behind.

However, I've noticed something lately. This political drive, this ambition, this passion, it all tends to fade slightly around the holidays.

For instance, it's not so much about women's rights as it is articles about what all women want for Christmas (as if we actually all have the same tastes). We begin to care more about a bunch of sales than we do the issues we have fought for all year. I'm not saying that focusing on the holidays is a bad thing, I just think that we shouldn't lose that passion and drive. Yes, it's fine to think about shopping and decorating the tree, but the issues don't just disappear during December.

Politics doesn't take a holiday vacation. Racial issues can't be made pretty with lights and tinsel. People are still alone. They are still isolated from society. And you know what's worse? This holiday season is supposed to be full of hope. It is supposed to be a time of joy and happiness. These issues are still here throughout the holidays, yet we just lay off and focus more on shopping, parties, and food.

Here's an idea. How about we use this season for our agenda? Use the season of perpetual hope, to actually give hope to someone. Use the season of joy to make someone feel happy and loved. Don't lay off of your passion during the holidays because you are too stuffed with holiday cookies.

Do something.

Work at a soup kitchen.

Help out at a shelter.

Find a less fortunate family to help with presents.

Invite someone in your home for a meal.

Embrace all religions and their traditions.

Respect one another.

Don't lose the sense of togetherness that we fight so hard for while fighting over a flat screen.

Don't worry so much about what you want, that you don't think of what others need.

We should be using this season as even more of a reason for people to come together. A reason for loving one another, a reason for acceptance.

We have made it our mission as a generation to change the world, little by little. Let's start by changing how the holiday season is viewed. Let's make Christmas a campaign to love the minorities, shed a light to the lost, and an excuse to give in more ways than possible throughout the year.

Let us not make this holiday all about us.

Let us not forget everyone else in the midst of the cheer.

Let us uphold our reputation of "loud-mouth" world changers that make a difference.

And let us start with this Christmas.

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