Christmas Presents for College Girls

The Holiday season is upon us, and it's the time of year where every close and distant relative you have, wants to know what you want as a gift for whatever holiday(s) you celebrate! Whether you yourself need inspiration or are shopping for a college girl, below is a list of go-to items, that deviate from the typical wishlist items. And just remember, when in doubt, cash is always greatly appreciated!

College Apparel 


This one is a no-brainer. College apparel can be really expensive, and you can never have enough!



Sweaters and knitwear are super popular right now, and are a great wardrobe staple! They'll also keep you warm on the trek in between classes in the cold.



Booties have become a wardrobe essiential in the mainstream girl's closest. They're the go-to show for a night out, dinner with friends, family celebrations, you name it. They're super easy to dress up or down, and are usually pretty comfortable!

School Supplies 


Sounds bland, but hey, it gets the job done! Ranging from staples to a printer, there are defiantly some school related items that every college needs, and would be very happy to receive, during the holiday season.

Althletic Wear 


It's the comfiest stuff to wear to class, and is obviously great (if not necessary) for working out in. This gift will be especially appreciated by any gym fiends in your life, as you can never have enough workout clothes.

Phone Case Wallet 


Every college student seems to have one. However, in the case that the college student you are shopping for does not, this is a great gift! A phone wallet allows students to carry all the cards they use on a daily basis, in the thing that never leaves their side. And even if the student you're shopping for already has one, a backup doesn't hurt!


This one may sound impersonal, but if there's a spot on campus that you know they really like/frequent often, a giftcard would be much appreciated!



Everyone uses them! Walking to classes, at the gym, in the dorm, you name it! Whether it be a new pair of the ones they already have, or springing for a wireless pair, they will come in handy!



While this might not be the most used item at college, a good quality purse can change the game. Whether it be going out with friends, a day in the city, or just walking around campus, a cute purse can be helpful and stylish.

Winter Apparel


It's cold now, time to bundle up. A nice Patagonia or Northface jacket is super helpful when it comes to fighting the cold on the walk to class, and makes a great present. As does stocking stuffers like text-friendly gloves, beanies, and scarves!

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