Struggling To Find Your Girlfriend The Best Gift?

Christmas shopping is stressful, but when you know exactly what to get your girl, it becomes a little easier.

Bath and Body Works candles or lotion.

Your lady loves a good candle, whether you know it or not. If you're looking to stick to the holiday theme, I suggest Marshmellow Fireside, Cinnamon Carmel Swirl or Flannel. Lotion is also a must have during the cold weather, I suggest sticking to simpler scents like Warm Vanilla Sugar, Moon Light Path or Twilight Woods.

Fuzzy Socks

Us ladies lose socks like it's our job. It doesn't take very long after you get new socks to lose a few and have to start mismatching them. Any type of socks are the perfect gift for us because you can never have too many.

Hint: Cabin socks.


This can be a tricky gift if you're not really sure what kind of jewelry your lady is into, but you can never go wrong with a good Alex and Ani bracelet or a ring from Pandora. I suggest scrolling through Twitter and looking under her likes or going on Vsco and checking out her collection, you're bound to find something from these two jewelry brands to help you out.

Nike or Lulu lemon 

Anything from these stores will do.

Hint: Nike sweatshirts go a long way!!!


This is by far the best gift. To whatever extent you want to take it. Starbucks gift card, mugs, travel mugs, k-cups, dunkin gift card or WHATEVER. Coffee is a universal gift that every girl will appreciate.


Heated blanket. That is all.


5 for $25 anyone?

Lush bath bomb or face mask

These are perfect for de-stressing and make a very good gift for ladies. Can be romantic with a "sex bomb" or made just for her with a "avobath." Face/body masks are also great gifts because we ladies use them quite often.

Favorite alcohol

Pretty self-explanatory.

 Star map of the day you started dating

This is a more personal gift, but if you want to express how much you care about her, this is the perfect gift and will mean the absolute world to her.


A simple gift that is sure to make her smile.


These will go perfectly with the socks you get her. Let's be honest, when are our feet actually warm?

 Love Your Melon hat

A great gift that she will constantly wear. Supporting childhood cancer research and keeping your girl's head warm, it's a win-win.

These are all pretty basic gifts, sure, but I can guarantee your girl will love any of these. They are simple and easy for a reason. Happy shopping :)

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