Christmas is quickly approaching, which means it's time to start buying gifts for those special friends in your life. Here are some great gifts that I believe any college girl would appreciate this holiday season!

1. Lush Shower Gel/Bath Bombs

You can't go wrong with Lush shower gels and bath bombs. These soaps smell absolutely amazing and come in many different fun holiday scents!

2. Makeup

If you have friends that like wearing makeup this is a great gift to buy for them. Eye shadow palettes are the best type of makeup to purchase for a friend since every shade looks good on brown, blue and green eyes. I highly suggest the brand "Colourpop" which has very beautiful makeup that is also extremely affordable and well made.

3. S'well Bottle

Although S'well bottles are a bit on the pricier side they are definitely worth the money. If you have a friend that likes to drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate, S'well bottles will keep your drink hot all throughout the day. It is such a nice gift and will be of great use!

4. Slippers

Slippers are a necessity in college. Whether you are hanging out with people in your hall, studying or even grabbing brunch you want your feet to be nice and comfortable! You can find these adorable pom pom slippers at Victoria's Secret!

5. Bath & Body Works Candle

Bath & Body Works always come out with the best holiday scented candles that never fail to disappoint anyone. I highly recommend buying a candle in "winter candy apple," which is one of the top-selling scents over the holiday season!

6. Hat

Hats are another nice gift to buy for a friend. They are a cute accessory and will keep you super warm in the cold weather. Check out "Love Your Melon" for super adorable hats that are also for a good cause!