Christmas Decisions

I don't know about you, but my Christmas is pretty hectic. Not because of family being everywhere, but because we never know what is going on to begin with. Let me explain.

My brother has a wife and two kids, where his wife has family of her own. My sister has a boyfriend who has family of his own. I have a fiance who has a family of his own. We are my mothers family, yet we're too busy for family with her. Sure, we make time, but that doesn't mean that we "Make Time."

We try to plan everything out perfectly so we have enough time to see my family and my fiances family. We plan. My sister plans. My brother plans. We come to an agreement which we tell my mother and yet, it isn't good enough. (and don't get me wrong, my mom understands, but coming from my point of view, it's really rough on me).

Christmas is about family, about the story of Christ and how he was born. Snow and Christmas carols being played everywhere. Christmas music on the radio and even as my own ringtone, (not sorry), yet my family can't decide on what to do for Christmas? It isn't that hard honestly. We all could get together on Christmas Eve and have our Christmas then. "But it's not really Christmas is it?"

That date of Christmas is 12/25, I know, but Christmas doesn't have to be on the date. Christmas is anytime that family and friends gather together to celebrate the joy and love all around. Christmas can be any time, and yet my family can't understand that.

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