From kindergarten to senior year I went to the same school and I graduated with about 60 other kids so my school was very small. My hometown, Ada, Ohio, had approximately 600 people. When picking colleges, I wanted a change. Something that was completely different than what I was used to. So, every school I looked at was division one. Picking Bowling Green State University was one of the best decisions of my life. Bowling Green, Ohio is home to approximately 30,000 and about 17,000 students go to BGSU so it is very different from my hometown.

I love going to class and not knowing anybody, I never know what I’m going to expect from somebody and who I’m going to become friends with, it’s like a new adventure every day. But I also love getting into my major classes and seeing the people I will continue to be around for the next four years. I chose Bowling Green because I wanted to be with all kinds of different people and also have people in my major that I have many different classes with.

Nothing is better than the people at Bowling Green. The students, the locals, the owners of businesses, everybody is just so nice and friendly. Whether you’re going out on a Saturday night or headed to Polleyes for some breadsticks, you’ll be surrounded by great people and I was able to figure that out just from my first visit. I remember my tour guide telling us that you will not go to a university with nicer people, and he was 100% right. Also, being in such a friendly area, makes it feel so much safer. I would feel completely comfortable walked across campus at night. There’s always people out, no matter what time so if anything were to happen I can rest assured that someone would try to help me. Safety was a huge concern for me before I started college and going to bigger area than I’m used to was frightening. But after my first couple of days there I knew there was absolutely nothing to worry about.

The people are what make Bowling Green so great. Getting to see new people every day, meeting new friends constantly and always feeling safe is why I chose Bowling Green. The people are what going to class a little bit better, being surrounded by such great people. Never knowing who you’re going to see makes every day unpredictable. Turning strangers into close friends. Learning everything about Bowling Green from the locals. And getting amazing service anywhere you go. That is what a college town is about. This is why I love Bowling Green. The people are what make Bowling Green so great.