Dear You,

When you were younger, you were filled with constant wonder and fascination of the fact that you were going to grow up at a certain point in your life. Remember the questions you asked your parents? The innocent days when you thought that you could rule the world? What about the plans you made to be a princess or an astronaut? These were all things that continuously ran through your mind as you grew up and started to really find out who you are.

Growing up has always been in the plan, because that is what everyone does, right? From the time we are born, we are reminded that there will be a day when we are pushed from the nest of comfort and out into the real world of absolute madness, and you have to be able to handle what the world has to offer, good or bad. So, were you really prepared to go out into the world? Probably not.

But here's the thing: why would you constantly wait for a tomorrow that we don't know we're getting yet? This is where the wonder comes through from those premature years of constant questioning and imagination. It seems as we get older we are reminded that creativity is something that should be left behind and is almost dismantled by the judging eyes of the education system. But you have been strong, you have held your head high, and you haven't accepted the closure of your own wonder.

I believe in closure, really, because it allows you to close a door that could open a window into another place that could change your life. However, if you constantly wait on that window, is the waiting all you've ever done? Have you truly had the wonder and sacrifice that it takes to discover a part of yourself that you didn't know existed? You should strive you get to know yourself in the exact place that you are because you are you, and that's enough. I believe that knowing yourself is one of the hardest things to do because it takes both time and discomfort. You can't find yourself by waiting for the wonder or for your tomorrow.

So, debating on what do to when stuck between the door of closure and wonder? I would pick wonder. Say what you mean, don't bite your tongue, don't want for that next opportunity but go and find it. Fall in love, fall out of love, find your best friend, find your happiness within the wonder. But use the closure to finish that dark place that you've been hiding in for years. Use the closure to jump into the next wonders of growing up.

So, here's to growing up and being the best adult questioner there's ever been.


A girl who chose wonder.