How To Avoid Dropping College Classes

When it comes to choosing classes, it isn't as easy as choosing what kind of drink to order form Starbucks. They aren't iced coffees we can just drink and throw when we're done. Choosing classes can be the most stressful thing a college student can do because, unlike high school, the classes you pick are the classes that will help you for your career.

Many people choose classes because of what they're major is. Some may be business related, psychology related or criminal justice related. Just because it has the title of their major, they automatically assume that's the class they need. But, in reality, it doesn't work like that. Classes are supposed to be chosen based on the roster given to you for your major. This roster tells you what to sign up for and what you need to graduate. It may sound like something easy, but it's actually not.

Trying to follow roster can lead college students to try to do a lot at once. Which can be pictured as something good, considering it's for their major, but that's when things tend to screw over. Because students are so caught up with the idea of trying to complete everything, they can find themselves over-scheduling themselves. They end up choosing too many classes thinking it's going to be OK. It's OK when they choose it because it's them planning out the future.

However, once reality hits. they start their classes and find themselves not being able to complete everything for all the classes they have. Which can then lead them to start failing or feeling more stressed than the average college student. This then starts leading students to take the shameful walk to their school's registrar office and start withdrawing from classes. It may not sound like a bad thing because they're avoiding an F. But it does leave with a "W," for withdrawal, on their transcript.

Nobody wants an F or a W on their transcript. That's why it's good to talk to someone like your advisor or a peer that's year higher than you but is studying the same thing. May sound like an obvious thing to do, but in fact, it's something that many college students avoid doing. Not many like the idea of asking for help, because they believe they'll be seen as dumb or lost. Which isn't something to fear. Choosing the wrong classes or too many classes is a common thing in a college student's life. They tend to feel like they'll be able to handle it, but many cracks under the pressure. That's why it's better to choose the right ones the right way, even if it means just having the standard four instead of five or six. Which may have because they want to graduate early or be more ahead than others.

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