You may find it strange for me to personify music and call it a "friend," but it's true: music is my friend.

Music goes with me everywhere. It's the alarm song I wake up to every morning, it's the song that's playing when I'm stuck in traffic, and it's my Spotify playlist that's running when it's slow in the office.

Music throws me a catchy beat when it knows I need a little kickstart. When I'm feeling nostalgic, throwback music reminds me of the good old days. If I'm ever feeling afraid, music will pump me up and tell me I have nothing to fear. Listening to the right song even makes me feel a little cooler when I'm cruising down the 101.

The best part about music is that it understands me. When I find the right song that picks up on all the words I'm feeling right then and there, I have it on repeat for the next five days. No lie. I guess it's comforting to know that somewhere out there, someone knows and understands what I'm going through.

My favorite part is the feeling you get when your song comes on. You know it's your song when it starts playing and something inside of you just comes alive. Kind of like when you see your best friend after a while of being apart and you can't help but feel really happy about being together again.

That's why music is my friend. And it's your friend, too.

So, just you would select the right friends to "hang out" with, be selective of the music you "hang out" with.

For most of us, there isn't a day that goes by where we don't listen to music - we "hang out" with music so much so it has become a habit.

Many of you may feel as though music isn't that significant, or it's just there to act as background noise and provide a good beat so your brain is more stimulated than if you weren't listening to anything.

But if that were true, then why is it that music is such a big part of our culture, and has been for so long?

That's because music has the power to affect our psyche, permeate our subconscious, and influence the way we think and feel.