Homework has always been that dreadful word that no one ever wants to hear. When you saw your teacher start to write on the chalkboard of what you had for homework, your stomach would drop. No one has ever liked homework and no one ever will, but in college, it isn't really homework anymore, it's more of a job.

In grade school and high school, homework was just something else you had to do that day. It was horrible when your teacher would give you loads of homework because that meant you would be spending your whole day working on that instead of hanging with friends or going out.

Sometimes, depending on the teacher, you would be able to get away with not doing your homework or would get another day to finish it. In college, it is a whole different ball game. There are no second chances and no getting out of doing an assignment.

When coming to college, the only type of school work you've ever been introduced to is the tedious work you would do in high school that took no time at all. In college, some days you may not get any homework, but be prepared for long papers, big projects, and a boatload of studying.

Your last minute procrastination will not cut it in college. If you go into college with that kind of attitude, be prepared to get some low grades because college becomes your full-time job very quickly.

Many people, including myself, come to college and have no idea what they want to do with their life and that is completely fine. I did not know what I wanted to do until my sophomore year. Once you figure out what you enjoy and could see yourself doing in the future, the school work becomes less tedious and more important to you.

The idea of going out every weekend starts to fade away once sophomore year hits and you realize this is your future and if you don't work hard for it then you will start to lose grasp of it.

Let go of the idea that college is only about the parties because you will soon find out that it is not. Of course, college is one of the greatest times of anyone's life, but it's also one of the hardest times of anyone's life. You must keep your focus on what is most important and that is making something out of yourself, and college helps you do that, but you must work for it.

This is your future we are talking about. It does not start in the basement of a frat party or in a chair at a bar. No. It starts at a desk in a classroom. You can either hit that snooze button or you can get out of bed and start the beginning of your career off right. It's your choice.