How Our Choices Can Affect Us Daily
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How Our Choices Can Affect Us Daily

"We are our choices."

How Our Choices Can Affect Us Daily

Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you made any different choices? Every day, we make decisions. Sometimes we don't even realize it. Some are bigger choices than others. Maybe you chose to go to a specific school or chose one job over another. Some of them are small. Maybe one of the choices you made was so minor, like if you go left or right when taking a drive or driving instead of walking. You could have had completely different experiences, but you will never know what would have happened if you chose the other option. The choices you've made since you were old enough to think shaped you into who you are today.

It is kind of weird to think about it. I think about it a lot. If I had made different choices throughout my life, where would I be now? Would I be in the same spot? Who knows? I like to live my life with few to no regrets. I do not have too many, but I cannot help but wonder what my life would be like if I had made one different choice anywhere in my life. Would it change anything? Everything? Nothing? It might seem a little crazy that just one event can change the whole course of your life, but it definitely can. It happens to people daily.

Did you ever hear those stories about people who have these plans to go somewhere and then you hear on the news about a tragic accident that happened where they were supposed to be going? It is sad, and then you hear some of those people say "That is terrible. That would have been me, but I decided not to go." They decided not to go. That decision to stay home changed their life. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about that because people make simple decisions like that every day, and anything can happen. Maybe nothing will, but who really knows? It could make you question: Does fate actually exist? Was there a force or something that occurred to keep them from going? You will just never know.

Your choices do not just affect you. The choices you make affect your friends and family too. If you make a bad choice, your family and friends could suffer. If you make a good choice, they could benefit. Your choices could change them. It is all up to you. People do not usually take their friends and family into consideration when faced with a decision because they are often blinded by what they want themselves in that moment.

I just think it is weird how one choice could change my whole life. I try to be cautious about my choices that I make, but if you do not take any risks they say you will never know. I just want to live the best life I can, and I will end up where I end up, I suppose. I just cannot help but wonder where I would be now if I had made different choices earlier in my life or what choices I might make in my future that could change everything.

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