A child’s family income should not hold them back from dressing themselves everyday.

Clothing is how someone expresses his or her individuality. Why should a child be restricted because their parents' job provides less income than others around them?

It blows my mind that some children have to go to school without clothing they feel comfortable and confident in. Uniforms are not the answer. They inhibit a child’s self-expression and choice to think freely.

Kids are mean; there is no other way to put it. Bullying and brand shaming are happening every day in schools everywhere. School should be a place for children to feel comfortable and learn.

One organization is doing its part to stop this nonsense. The John Theissen Children’s Foundation helps children ages from kindergarten to high school go to school with clothing on their backs and school supplies in hand.

There are other organizations out there to help children like the John Theissen Children’s Foundation, but there is a need for more. Children are literally our future so help them out.