Childhood vs. Adulthood

Everything was different when you were a kid, and I know you agree with me. The things you can do now may have you saying that adulthood is better, but there is something to be said for the lifestyle of a kid that trumps all independent adult things you may claim you are happy to be able to do since you are older.

Let us begin:

Kids ALWAYS get out of things:

If you're under the age of 8, aka a kid, then you can probably do anything you want without getting in too much trouble. I wish I knew this at that age because I would so take that to my advantage. No matter what, even if you sharpie the entire house, I can guarantee that the worst punishment kids could possibly get from this is a little lecture and no desert before bed.

Kids can be brutally honest and not offend people:

Have you ever been babysitting and had a kid come up to you and say, "You're really ugly." I'm sure you have, because there's not one kid that isn't 110% honest when it comes to criticizing. The thing is though, no matter how mean the comment, you can't even get that mad because they are A KID. If someone 7 years older said that to you, everything would be so different, and you'd probably end up asking them to step outside to fight.

Oh what I would do to get off the hook with being brutally honest all the time. At least they aren't afraid to say it to your face, right?

Kids always get bribed:

I would literally do anything to be a kid again, because whenever your parents have to take you somewhere where they need to keep you calm, you'll always get a treat, because if kids aren't occupied, then it's world war III.

All kids have to do is act up slightly and they'll end up with candy in their hands, a new toy from Walmart, or if you're a kid in this day and age, your mom's iPhone. If I were to act up at any sort of function now, all I would get is a nice escort out, not even a single piece of candy.

Kids still have an imagination:

Here's one of the main reasons why childhood is so much better than adulthood. You still have the entire world to discover. You go to bed on Christmas Eve thinking a big man in a suit is going to bring you presents, and you even believe that a real live fairy brings you cash when you yank out a tooth.

When you're a kid, there's still that piece of magic that keeps you going every day that adults certainly don't have, and I think that's what separates kids from adults. As a kid you play those imagination games, but everything seems real. Those sticks that you swing around in the backyard are actually large swords, and the yard becomes a battleground. When you grow up, it's so hard to use your imagination in this same way because you've experienced life's truths, which aren't all that great sometimes.

The swords are actually seen as sticks, and the battleground is only seen as a large section of crabgrass.

Kids never have to fend for themselves:

As a college kid, I'm blessed when someone hands me a bag of chips or a half of a sandwich. Kids never have to go without food and they don't have to spend a dollar. I'm a broke college kid, but kids are just broke kids, and it's completely okay, because they will never go without a meal or a snack. They literally have no money in the bank and are living the life with their Cheerios and mac and cheese.

So all in all, being a kid is so much better than being adult. The possibilities are endless and you can basically do what you want, when you want, and the best thing about it is that naps are always enforced. When I was a kid I refused to take naps, and every single day I wonder why I never took advantage of that amazing opportunity.

It's fun to be a kid, but dealing with them is a whole different story..

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