Childhood Friend Turned Stranger

If we're lucky, we meet some of our closest friends in elementary school or before, but if we're really lucky, we are still able to call them our best friend 20 years later.

It's never fun being that new kid at any age, really, but I happened to be the new kid when I was four. When my family decided to move from Northern California to Sunny Southern California, as far as I can remember I was pretty happy with it, but then again, I was only four years old and really didn't know much, except my new school had to have a cool playground.

Lucky for me, I met one of the coolest humans I have ever known and soon she became the sister I never had.

When you're growing up, life throws A LOT of curve-balls at you because, well, that's just how it's supposed to be sometimes, but if you're lucky enough, you have someone by your side through it all. It was a friendship that was meant to be, until our time was really just up. The thing that sucks about growing up is that you learn a lot about other people, there's many life changing events and there is not one thing you can do about it.

I want to say thank you to my childhood best friend. You were a big influence on where I am today. Thank you for letting me be me in this crazy world, thank you for always having my back and making weird youtube videos with me, thank you for the five minute long handshake we made in the kitchen one day, thank you for believing in me when no one else did, but most importantly, thank you for helping me realize that I didn't need to depend on anyone but myself when it came to the hardest times in my life.

Our childhood was amazing, but unfortunately, we had one thing in common that we never wished on anyone else to experience. We depended on each other to get through those hard times because we didn't think anyone else would get it. Yes, it was terrifying, but I knew that if I had you by my side, it was always going to be an adventure. Even if it was just sneaking down to the park at midnight (even though our parents knew, I was terrified.)

You pushed me to be the best version of myself, but I think that was always because I was jealous of how amazing of a person you were. I can honestly say the two times we fought in the many years of our friendship was probably up there with some of my worst days because I felt lost, even though I knew it was going to be OK since we were stronger than any fight.

It came to the point where it wasn't a friendship anymore, we were family. You became a part of my family, as my mom and dad would treat you as their own, to the point of you just moving in for a bit because not even our parents could separate us.

I thought our bond was unbreakable, but college decided to prove me wrong. It was like a heartbreak I had never experienced before. Where we went from seeing each other every day, to seeing each other a total of five times over the four years we were away. I knew no matter what that we could always count on each other if we needed to. Unfortunately, the heartbreak grew as I learned that wasn't necessarily a part of the equation when I needed you the most.

But, I want to thank you for being my childhood best friend. Our memories are some of the best I could've ever asked for, and it's OK that we are strangers right now because I believe we will make a full circle one day. Our friendship was a once in a lifetime that people search their whole lives for, and it can be repaired.

So, if you're reading this, my childhood best friend, you changed my life forever, and I hope one day we meet again and conquer this world together like we always planned, when we're both ready.

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