Dear Childhood,

Why did you have to leave me so soon? That was pretty rude of you, in my opinion. You could have stayed for at least another 34 years or so. That would have been really nice. I mean, I'm probably going to get sappy here for a minute or two but, my goodness do I miss you. I miss how easy life was when you were around. It was probably one of my favorite times of my life, and I'm definitely not over exaggerating.

I'm not going to say that adulthood is the worst thing in the world — I've met quite a few people who I'm really happy are in my life. It's not all bad, but it's really a lot harder than I had previously imagined it to be. When you were in full swing, I used to be able to just sit at home and watch cartoons or movies all day without worrying about anything else. I, of course, had to make sure that I finished all of my homework, but that was like a page and a half of reading or 30 math questions, so it wasn't anything too strenuous. And now, it's like I'm relaxing on a couch for a week with nothing to do and then I have 3 tests, 2 projects, a presentation and 4 papers all due within the next 5 days. It's ridiculous and just not something I want to deal with at this time in my life. There's too much inconsistency and stress in random quantities.

Childhood was all about stressing over who you were going to sit with at lunch or play with during recess, or worrying about how your teacher was going to grade your homework. The biggest argument was which Pokemon was the best one or if Disney, Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network had the best shows. The arguments had nothing to do with petty things that friends did, who you were voting for in the upcoming election or other ridiculous things that might not seem too important but you could actually lose relationships over.

You were just such a great time. I miss you, childhood, so much. There are so many things that I wish I could go back and do all over again in order to make you even better. I'd spend more time with friends, more time reading and trying to get close to my parents. I would spend more time with my childhood pets and try to make the best of the time that I didn't realize was running out fast. There are so many things I wish I could do over, but I think going back to being a kid and having that freedom would be such an amazing time I wouldn't take for granted.

Childhood, I miss you so much, and I am going to do what I can to make the best of this adulthood nonsense, but I'm not sure it can ever compare to you.


A bitter adult who misses watching cartoons in her pajamas every night