An Open Letter To My Childhood Best Friend

Dear childhood best friend,

You are not only my childhood best friend. You are my forever friend.

We met on the first day of first grade, and even though I didn't realize it then, it was one of the best days of my life. We have remained close friends all throughout elementary school, middle school, high school, and still to this day. I look back on pictures of us as children, and I often wonder how you've put up with me for so long.

Don't get too cocky, though; you're not an angel, either.

We grew up riding bikes in our neighborhood and knocking on all of our friends' doors to hang out with us. We would always get in trouble for not being home by curfew because we were always having too much fun.

In middle school, we stayed by each other's sides and moved from one friend group to another. We played on the same softball teams, and our moms would take turns driving us. When my mom was battling cancer, your mom would drive me to CCD every Tuesday and constantly offered to help in any way. Softball consisted of us rooting each other on, while we would tease and make fun of each other in CCD.

When high school came around, we continuously watched people come and go from our friend group. Somehow, we were both always there. When we both got our first boyfriends around the same time, we definitely didn't see each other as much. We became obsessed with our new beaus and seemed to drift away from each other for a bit.

We would get caught up in classic high school drama that was going on, and we definitely had a fair amount of arguments. We lost each other for a short amount of time but soon reunited because we realized we couldn't stay away for too long without going crazy.

When the day before you left for college came around, I was a total wreck. I wasn't leaving for school until a week after and I was nowhere near prepared to say goodbye to you. I wrote you a handwritten letter and included a picture of us from elementary school.

The first month at college without you was way rougher than you probably think. Going off to college is something that I am so grateful for and makes me happy, but I constantly think about how much greater it would be if you were experiencing it with me.

I know you're off building your future and making new best friends, but I know that we'll never lose our friendship. Because not only are you my childhood best friend and forever friend, I also consider you my sister. You're the person in my life who makes me laugh and smile the most, but who I can also be serious with and trust more than anything.

I couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you for being you.

Love forever,

Your childhood best friend.

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