Chicken Nuggets: A Poem

Let me get them warm

Get them baked, get them fried.

Let me get them with fries

And a soda by the side.

Let me get some sauce,

But there's too many to choose:

Honey Mustard, Tangy,

Ranch, Barbecue.

"I think I want a 10 piece.

No, wait! Let me make that 50."

The cashier asks, "Is this for a party?"

I respond with, "No, that's all for me."

As I take my food home, the smell fills up the car.

So amazing how small stuff can be superstars.

Golden-crusted exterior so crispy and clean

With a soft moist interior that tastes like a dream.

Best believe I will feast

Once I go home and eat.

I just sat in my seat

And turned on my TV.

When I opened the box

I just couldn't believe —

I got one extra nugget!


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