I may not be an influencer in the fashion world, or know anything about textiles or yada, but I know I have an eye for good styles. I love seeing what the cool kids are wearing, and yes I may borrow their vision, but then I turn it onto my own. Fashion lets you show yourself off as you want to, it's unique to every girl, guy, and everyone in between, even dogs and cats are fashion forward. I've compiled here a list of my favorite things I've seen all season that I hope you'll get if you don't have them already. AKA put these on your Christmas or Hannukah wishlists!

1. Turtleneck

Easily my favorite thing to wear all day every day. They swallow you up in their warmth, whether it's a thin one or a thick, knit one, and they look good with absolutely everything. Comfort is key ladies. Look how cute she is like this could be you!

2. Berets

I just hopped onto the bandwagon with these and GIRL they are sooooooo cute and comfy. You may think it won't look good on you, that's what I thought at first, but wow I'm glad I got one. They really bring an outfit together in a subtle way.

Bona Drag on Instagram: “Paloma Wool Light blue Candela jumpsuit + MNZ Chestnut Jupiter clear boot⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #babyblues ⠀ #clearboots ⠀ #cuteberet ⠀ #bodysuit ⠀”

3. Plaid Pants

They look cute in every season, but right now they are at their absolute height of perfection. Grab a pair of plaid pants and pair them with literally anything else I mention on this list, and it'll be a guaranteed Instagram approved chic outfit your friends will envy.

4. Mom Jeans

Catch me wearing these on campus literally more than I wear leggings. They are so comfy and make ya booty look amazing while allowing a level of comfort skinny jeans just do not.

5. Waffle knit shirt

I have three from Walmart that were only eight dollars a piece. Ladies, buy them, they're so comfy. Something about waffle knit has been calling to me recently and I fully hope those who do not own any shirts in this material to do so asap.

6. Blanket scarves

Get them as obnoxiously thick and long as you can. I own one and it was the best gift I've ever given myself. You can wear them with a nice jean jacket and skinny jeans or an oversized sweatshirt and leggings, it's so versatile. Scarf one second and then a comfy blanket the next.

7. Camo cargo pants

I don't own these but I see them on all the cool girls of social media, so obviously they are very much in. I may invest in a pair if I could make some money, but seeing as I only have thirty dollars to my name, it probably won't happen anytime soon. Someone's mom is looking FAB in them!

8. Rainbow sweater

SHIP THIS. I think they're slightly ugly but still cute as heck. Zaful and Forever21 are constantly showing me them in ads on Quizlet while I'm trying to study, it's shocking I haven't caved and bought one yet. This is the exact one I've been eyeing for weeks by the way.

9. Leopard-print anything

I recently found a leopard print sweater on a fashion brand I'm an ambassador for, and wow do I want it ever so badly. Leopard print is something every girl needs in her wardrobe. Whether it's a pair of leopard print heels, a belt with leopard print accents, or a shirt, either way, it's super cute and adds some spice to an every day boring outfit.

10. Faux-suede Mini Skirt

I have just one and it's a skort so I'm technically cheating the system. Still, these are so cute and make any going out outfit elevated. If you don't have this, what are you doing, get one right now. Date night awaits!!!

11. Fuzzy jacket

The absolute love of my life, my fuzzy jackets. I have five. I'm an addict. They keep me warm and trendy at the same time. Buy one if you haven't already, they are the best thing to ever happen to Fall 2018.

12. Long cardigan

Long cardigans in a brick color are a fall necessity. Long cardigans have always been my fav, and I've seen them paired with athleisure, and I don't know how I feel about it in all honesty. Go that route or be more traditional and wear your cardigan with cute jeans and am an even cuter shirt and booties. I may be basic in the sense of that kind of outfit but y'all know it works.

13. Suede ankle boots

SUEDE BABY. I've been eyeing this style for a while now and I absolutely adore it. Ankle boots are so in right now, and when you pair that with suede you birth an immaculate love child. These boots will make any outfit extra af, whether it's with a cute sweater dress or mom jeans and a *gasp* turtleneck!