Fashion Trends For Fall 2017

Fashion Trends For Fall 2017

Bold, fun, and vintage! Here are the hottest trends coming fall 2017!

The fashion trends for a certain season are usually decided upon by designers a few months in advance. As the summer season reaches its final stretch, the fall fashion trends have already been decided. Here is a glimpse on what is “in” for fall 2017!

1. Red

Red is going to be the “it” color for this fall! And not just any red, but a power red! This red is bright, bold, and meant to be a statement piece for every and any outfit!

2. Vintage Furs

This past fall and winter it was all about statement fur, this season we are going back to the past (and not just with this trend)!

3. Western Styles

This season is going to be full of cowboy-inspired looks! In fact, Raf Simons reimagines the old-timey trend for his debut collection for Calvin Klein!

4. Plaid

Everyone loves plaid and a plaid shirt is a go to accessory for many people, but for this season plaid is a statement! And we aren’t talking about 90’s grunge plaid, we are talking about the bright and fun plaid from the 70’s!

5. Deconstructed Everything

This style is one of the hardest styles to pull off, but if you have the confidence for it then you can wear it like a pro! For those who don’t know, deconstructed pieces are ones that have been taken apart, are unfinished, and almost grunge.

6. Wide Oversized Belts

Belts are more than practical; they are fashionable too! This upcoming season be prepared to see wide belts made for almost every style!

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Socialism Doesn't Work, Even In Theory

Socialism is often looked at a Utopian system that benefits all, but this is not the truth.


A phrase uttered often in political discussions is "Socialism works well in theory". Supporters and opponents alike will claim this to be true. However, this is completely false. Socialism is a system in which the people who do well are robbed and are forced to give up sums of money for "the greater good". It robs the people of the fruits of their own labor. The far left would like people to believe that with more extensive taxes and a complete switch in direction to socialism from capitalism is a wonderful idea.

Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claim that a surrendering of rights and giving the government more power will provide more economic security. What a socialism does is it takes away incentives to innovate and succeed. Multiple real life cases have proved this such as the crises in Cuba, Nicaragua, and more recently Venezuela. Venezuela had tremendous wealth that was squandered and stolen from the people who work hard and do well. China and Russia have funneled billions of dollars into the failing Venezuelan economy and still it is one of the worst in the world.

The proponents of socialism will cite the Nordic Countries as tales of success in the world of socialism. However, these economies are ranked among the best for economic freedom and the welfare states are built upon the power of open market capitalism. Even more ludicrous is the term Democratic Socialism. The term relies on the idea that democratic is just. Democratic does not always mean just. The platform in North Korea is democratic, but as many of you know, the elections are single candidate with Kim Jung Un as the only candidate.

Famous politicians such as Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez tout that they will do socialism correctly and other systems have been corrupted. If a system is so easily defiled in real life circumstances, then how is it a good economic policy? Under conservative presidents, the United States has seen more economic growth than under liberal presidents and that is not a coincidence. The United States has become the world's sole superpower under the guidance and freedom of capitalism.

So I finally say: no, socialism does not work well in theory.


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