Chewy And R2D2

As we enter a new era of "Star Wars," with the opening of "The Force Awakens," I thought I'd give everyone a chance to see it before I weigh in on what went well, and what, well, went. Whenever I think of "Star Wars," and who my favorite characters are, I come to the realization that they are the characters who communicate with their bodies, and with non-verbal sounds. Thus, I would like to give them some love.


Yes, this is the droid you've been looking for. R2D2 communicates through a series of "beeps" and "boops" and is the most adorable thing EVER. Yes, I admit, it is quite strange to feel that way towards a little metal droid, but how can you not love R2? I just want to give him a hug!


How can you not love this towering Wookie? Chewbacca's vocalizations are a mix of a few animal sounds, with definite notes of walrus. He's Han Solo's right hand man--er--Wookie.

I am not entirely sure why I've always been drawn to these characters: creatures like Chewbacca and R2D2 (who is technically a droid). Or a creature like E.T. (whose ride at Universal always frustrates me, because on his home planet E.T. would not be an extra-terrestrial, so therefore the other creatures on the Green Planet should call him by his true name, but they all call him E.T. despite that...), whose gravely broken-english always warms my heart. Perhaps even Wall-E, the eponymous hero from the Pixar film, who rolls around a barren wasteland of an earth, compacting trash from wayward heaps, and picking treasures from the aforementioned. All I know is, they're certainly my favorites.

I'm far too emotionally compromised to think about "The Force Awakens" with an analytical hat on right now, so I think it would be best for me to retreat to my happy place of wookie sounds and beeps and boops.

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