Weekends. The long awaited golden days. The signification that the work week is finally over (for most) and now you have some time to relax..maybe. It's not only a break from work, but its a break from life. Yes, obviously life is always happening, but what I mean is it is a time for you to personally recharge and be prepared for the following week.

I have never really thought of weekends as such before until recently, but I realized why I appreciate them so much. During the week it is like a constant whirlwind, being tugged in every different direction. Whether it be school or your job, that is all you have to concentrate on and then the rest of your life gets put on the back burner. For me, I know I would rather have these two evenly distributed but it isn't the way it turns out. During the week it is as if I have tunnel vision, frantically making sure my To-Do list is getting checked off and seeing what things I need to add on top of the already multiple tasks. Forget about taking care of yourself and other aspects, it is the time to be on the ball and not a bit off balance.

But then there are these wonderful thing called weekends. I can honestly say waking up on a weekday and waking up on a Saturday are two totally different experiences. Monday-Friday I wake up already visualizing my list of things to do and going through my planner mentally. However come Saturday/Sunday morning, even if I have things to do on that particular day, I open my eyes with serenity and an aura of stillness around me. It feels as if the sun is radiating on my skin and birds are talking to me like Cinderella. I can breathe and see clearer, my body all over relaxed.

Weekends are not only a break from work, but a time for you to breathe. Reconnect with the things you love and what makes you happy. I may only be watching tv or even studying, but the sense of calmness still surrounds me. I feel like my whole body is smiling. It's as if having coffee in hand watching the Today Show is Heaven. Maybe it is just a me thing, but if I could find a way to bottle up the way I feel on weekend mornings and keep it with me all week life would be pure gold.

If you take anything from this just know that weekends should be cherished and not wasted. Cherish the time for yourself and for the time you have with the ones you love. Acknowledge the feeling you have and if you figure out how to keep this bliss with you through the stressful week, please report to me immediately.