10 Cheap Things To Do Over The Weekend At Syracuse University
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Student Life

10 Cheap Things To Do Over The Weekend At Syracuse University

Finding the cheap thrills in the smallest of places

10 Cheap Things To Do Over The Weekend At Syracuse University
Agnieszka Boeske on Unsplash

There’s always a whole lot going on at the Syracuse University campus and surrounding areas at all times. Eventually, you will get sick of circulating parties or staying at home to chill.

So, check out all these opportunities out there for you to have fun while being cheap! Click on the headings of the events in order to get to their websites and view their event calendars.

1. Go for an Orange After Dark event

This is one of my all-time favorites. Orange After Dark (OAD) events are cheap and fun-filled. There is a calendar of events for every weekend of the semester so just look that up and find whichever event calls to you.

The events are usually free or $3, to do things like visiting a trampoline park, go indoor rock climbing, and even watching movie premiers a day before they hit theaters! I got to see Black Panther a night early for like $3!

2. Visit Syracuse Stage for a play

If you’re interested in theatre and watching amazing performances cheap, then Syracuse Stage is your best bet.

The plays are usually monthly and with your SU student ID, you can get discounted prices as low as $14!

3. Get an immersive experience at Museum of Intrigue

In this awesome museum, you get to choose your own adventure in attempts to save the museum. There are multiple stories to pick from before you get to wander museum and experience easy, intermediate or difficult adventures.

The pricing depends on how long you want to spend on a story with the lowest at $15 for 20mins and the highest at $29 for an entire hour! And, it’s just a bus ride away at Destiny USA.

4. Check out a University Union event

If you love music, concerts, celebrities, and movies, then I suggest you keep a close eye on the University Union (UU) calendar. Their events are usually free or cost about $5 and you get to go to concerts, listen to talks by celebs like Chelsea Handler and Yara Shahidi, view advanced screenings of popular movies, and so much more.

Like OAD, the lineup changes every semester, but I can assure you it’s worth it!

5. Go Ice skating

Put your skates on and stop over at Tennity Ice Pavilion on South Campus for a nice skating experience. On Friday and Saturday nights from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m., you can bring your entire group of friends for some disco skating.

With strobe lights and pumping music, it’s a grand experience. Best of all, it only $4 for skate rentals!

6. Go to a Setnor School of Music performance

When you want to feel the beauty of music, attend one of the Setnor School of Music performances. They usually take place in Setnor Auditorium in Crouse College. There is always something going on, ranging from voice to French horn to percussion performances.

And best of all, they are completely FREE!

7. Watch the UU and OAD Late night movies

Did you know that on Fridays and Saturdays you could drop by at HBC at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. to watch two completely different movies? Yes, and they’re free!

Plus, if you go for the OAD movie at 11 p.m., you get free popcorn and drinks as well!

8. Go Apple Picking at Beak & Skiff Apple Orchard

When the weather turns nice, head over to Beak & Skiff for a nice outdoors experience. You can wander over the lovely grounds, visit their gift shop and go apple picking!

It doesn’t cost anything to visit the orchard but if you do pick apples, you pay a little something for every bag of apples you collect.

9. Spend a day at Green Lakes State Park

Drive out to this picturesque natural wonder of the world and spend the day in the sunlight! You can go hiking along the trails, play games in the grass, have a barbecue, paddle around in canoes and even go swimming in the cool green lake.

It is completely free and a great way to relax.

10. View the Upside-Down Traffic Light

One of the little oddities in Syracuse, NY is the traffic light that displays green above red over at Tipperary Hill. Where did it come from? Why is it still there? Of course, I don’t expect you to stand and stare at it for a few minutes then head back to your room.

Take a detour over there and see it for yourself, on your way somewhere else.

So, there you have it. There’s always fun stuff to do all over and around campus. To find out about more interesting things to do, pay attention to the flyers that are pasted along the walls at Schine Student Centre and Life Science Complex!
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