16 Cheap DIYs For Your First Apartment Or Dorm Room
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Student Life

16 Cheap DIYs For Your First Apartment Or Dorm Room

Everything can be so expensive these days, but these projects won't break the bank.

16 Cheap DIYs For Your First Apartment Or Dorm Room
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Being in college, or paying for your first apartment can get very expensive, trust me, I know. That doesn't mean you can't live in the best room there is though. I am all about ballin' on a budget, so I'm here to show you my personal DIY projects, and some that are still on my to-do list.

1. Mason Jar Hanging

This DIY was actually a present given to me when I first moved into my dorm, but there is a similar tutorial you can follow here. I bought some fake cotton stems to put in one side, and put my toothbrush and toothpaste on the other and kept it hanging in my bathroom to declutter my counter.

2. Faux Flowers In A Vase

This is the absolute easiest DIY on the list because you only need two things, and they're both really cheap. I went to Walmart and found this vase for only 97 cents, and this faux baby's breath plant. Pop this on your desk for some extra jazz.

3. Floral Photo Hanging

This DIY was inspired by a Free People floral hanging, but I added a personal touch with some of my favorite photos. I took three strands of Hobby Lobby flower garland, hot glued it to the back of a stick I found at my local park, and hole punched the top middle of some photos, and ran some twine through them, hot gluing in between the flower strands. I finished it off by doubling twine at each end of the stick so I had a way to hang it.

4. Cooper Wire Sign

I took some thick cooper wire from Hobby Lobby and bent it into the word "cheers," because I thought it was a cute and fun display. You can do any word you want, this is just the one I liked.

5. Gold Glitter Letters

This DIY can be a little messy, but it is so worth it! Just take some craft letters, paint Mod Podge on them, and cover the entire letter with glitter. Shake off the excess, and let them dry overnight. These are really cute on your desk or in your windowsill.

6. Photo Frame

Okay, so I have to give my sister Kayla credit for this super cute, super simple photo frame. All she did was hot glued a picture to a small palette photo frame. I couldn't find this exact frame, or anything similar to it, but these faux wooden clipboards could easily display some of your favorite pictures.

7. Personalized Calendar

This DIY is on the top of my to-do list because it is so simple and so cute! It's truly great if you love photography, because you can choose your best shots for the month display. The original article is written in a foreign language, but the supply list is displayed in different photos, and assembling it is too easy. Find the tutorial here.

8. Hanging Shelves

I wish I had these hanging shelves in my dorm because they are incredibly cute, and useful! The options are endless for what to put on them, so personalize them for your needs. You can find how to make it here.

9. Fool-Proof Succulents

I know that you don't have to water all succulents, but because I personally suck at doing anything that pertains to gardening, I would find a way to kill them. This little DIY is so cute and innovative because you just paint various rocks to look like a succulent. Here is the link for the tutorial, which is written in Spanish.

10. Palette Headboard

I personally did not have a headboard in my dorm room, but I wish I had one like this! Something so simple, like this, can turn your dorm room from a prison cell to a cozy chic. To make this, follow this blog.

11. Popsicle Hexagon

I mean, C'mon. This is so simple! Just take a pack of popsicle sticks, and form them in the shape of a hexagon, making sure to hot glue each end on top of each other, and build enough layers until you have a flat surface to place something inside. This brilliant idea came from this blog.

12. Mini Palette Coasters

Something I never thought I would need in my room was coasters but quickly realized that the veneer is not a fan of sweat off of cup. These coasters were purchased like this, but you can totally DIY it with the leftover popsicle sticks from our Hexagon. You just stack and glue the popsicle stick like a small palette, trimming where you need it, and bam! You have the cutest coasters anyone has ever seen.

13. Jewelry Hanger

These Etsy pieces range from $25-$80, but I'm gonna tell you how to make it for $10. All you have to do is go to the park or wherever you can find the best sticks, big a thicker one than what you chose for the Floral Photo Hanging, get some small hook screws, twist them into the wood, and tie twine on each end of the stick, doubling it for extra support. I actually made one of these for myself, but my roommate's little brother noticed that there were termites on the wood, so be mindful of the wood you choose!

14. Washi Tape Door

This DIY is so fun to do, and you have endless options to design your door the way you want, and its dorm room safe! Just make sure you take your time and carefully straighten out each piece as you go, and make sure nothing gets crooked. My roommate and I loved switching it up, and it made for quality bonding time.

15. Pressed Flower Display

This might be one of my favorite DIYs, because I actually did this to display my Bid Day rose I received, but I didn't properly press the rose, and it developed mold. To avoid that happening to you, here is a tutorial on how to press them:

Also, I got my frame from Walmart.

16. Green Backdrop

This DIY is great for an awkward wall that you're not sure what to do with, but want to jazz it up a bit. All you'll need are clothes pins, twine, and some of your favorite flowers or leaves from the park.

Now that you've taken a look at some of my favorite DIYs, you will have the dorm room, or apartment, of your dreams! Not only will it be the cutest, but I bet you'll save the most money, too.

If you loved all of these DIYs, feel free to follow me on Pinterest to stay updated on more projects to come

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