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Recently, I came across a new Netflix series called Chasing Cameron. This is a show with 10 episodes that follows around social media influencer Cameron Dallas as well as his other social media influencer friends such as Taylor Caniff, Aaron Carpenter, and so on. They travel across Europe and Australia on tour performing shows and meeting their fans which is called Magcon. Throughout, the series cameras follow around Cameron and friends and get to know the struggle with mainting fame and their personal life.

Previously, before watching this show. I used to be a teenage girl obsessed with Cameron Dalls because I mean he's freakin hot. For those who don't know, Cameron Dallas is an Internet personality who does everything from making creative and fun Instagram and YouTube videos and modeling. I thought he was perfect and had no problems in the world. I tend to think that about most celebrities and social media stars. Watching this show though, changed my whole outlook on these guys. On social media, you think these social media stars such as Cameron Dallas and Taylor Canniff have their life together but watching this taught how much in common me and those guys have. Most of those guys are from broken homes and majority of them have single parents and have dads who haven't been very apparent in their lives and deal with mental health problems such as anxiety . So, it was kinda nice to see that I was not alone and that social media stars have felt with that kinda stuff and understand. They also, go through aniexty due to being on tour and having to deal with fans being a little to extra and having the overwhelming pressure to be perfect.

The series captures such real moments from moments of laughter and moments of anger throughout the magcon tour. This is what really got me hooked on the show was how real it was and that it wasn't scripted at all and the boys had 100% no filters during it. I know I'm a little old to be fangirling over these guys but you got to admit they're pretty cute and throughout the series you can't help but love each and every one of them including Bart (the CEO of the magcon tour) he's annoying but you learn to love him. Lastly, the boys share their personal life throughout the series and the steps and problems they had to overcome throughout to get to where they are today and it's just so inspiring to see how hard they worked to get to where they are and even though they didn't grow up in a tea and crumpets household they still worked hard and got what they deserved. Watching this, gave me so much respect for them and now I love them even more than before and I'm not ashamed of it.

In conclusion, I HIGHLY recommend this to everyone. This is such a great series and looking forward to the next and probably gonna start binge watching it again.

Disclaimer: this is not a promotional article! I'm just sharing how much I honestly loved this series and hoping that whoever reads this ends at least watching this first episode.*

Key term:Magcon- meet and greet convention. Social media influencers get to meet fans and interact with them and perform a show.

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