10 Subtle Ways to Channel Your Inner Childhood Obsessions

10 Subtle Ways to Channel Your Inner Childhood Obsessions

Because you should never stop believing in magic


Ever wonder when its time to stop wearing character themed clothing...well now you don't have to. While it is understandably childish in various settings for a 20-something-year-old to be walking around in a Winnie the Pooh shirt outside, it doesn't mean you should stop channeling your inner child. With these 10 subtle ways to channel your inner childhood obsessions I hope that I can change some people's perspective on giving up their love for their childhood icons and obsessions.

Necklaces and Chokers

Harry Potter Necklace


To start off with, necklaces and chokers are the probably the classiest way to channel your inner childhood love for fandoms and different classic characters. This necklace above is just one of the thousands of pop culture themed necklaces out there to shop for. What is even more interesting is the fact that they are actually small online stores that specialize in making these type of necklaces which I totally recommend any reader interested in maybe picking up a necklace of this sort to look into!


Disney Ears Keychain


This backpack that I have included in this article is actually one that I've had my eye on for months. For those of you who love Nightmare Before Christmas, this may be a perfect addition to your bag collection, and for those of you who don't, I'm sure there is a perfect bag out there for you too! Mini backpacks have been extremely trendy in the apt two years since becoming almost a staple item in people's closet after their debut at music festivals like Coachella. Therefore, incorporating a little geekiness into an otherwise super trendy fashion staple doesn't seem too bad.


Toy Story Mug


Mugs are by far my most favorite thing to collect and when it comes to mugs, the more the merrier. So in other words, if you want to splurge on movie or T.V themed mugs, I completely approve!

Phone cases

FRIENDS phone case


Phone cases can definitely say a lot about a person as everyone in this day and age is constantly on their phones. This Friends phone case is a perfect example of a pop culture themed case that would be age appropriate but fun at the same time. As I'm sure all my readers know phone cases are not to difficult to find, so you can basically check any website for the themed case you are looking for!


Disney Park Socks


Socks, whether they are completely hidden or knee high, they can always manage to tell the world a little bit about you. For most 9 to 5 jobs, wearing bright themed socks is not recommended, however, on the weekends grabbing a quick bite out for lunch or doing errands, I say why not!

Cookie Jars

Stitch Cookie Jar


Blame it on the younger siblings, cousins, or even kids for this one. Character themed cookie jars are really cute and colorful that it only makes sense someone would want to get their hands on one of their preference. For me, I think the Star Wars ones are really awesome but that's just me. Be sure to check online for deals running for cookie jars and even your local stores!

Coffee Maker

Iron Man Coffee Maker


Coffee makers are essentials in almost every household in America, so why not give your mornings a little splash of color with a themed coffee maker. This Iron Man coffee maker is one of the many coffee makers I have seen in stores and online, that are character themed, and I must say they definitely look just as cool in pictures as they do in person!


Snow White Makeup Kit


Themed makeup has actually become quite popular in the past year or two so, incorporating your favorite characters into your beauty routine in beautifully crafted sets such as this one inspired by Snow White should not be problem in germs of style! However, be careful when ordering any of these sets online as you do not want cheap play-makeup coming to your house!


Character Ties


For more laidback occasions character themes ties, without actual faces and slogans, is a really great way in my opinion for anyone to express their love for certain fandoms in an age appropriate yet carefree manner. Ties come in a million different patterns so it should not be a problem snatching up a tie with a few Scooby Snacks or Willy Wonka bars on it for a decent price.

Lotions and Soaps

Mickey Ears Soap


Now last but not least, body lotions and soaps! While these are not so publicly seen by your colleagues or fellow peers, you may want to spice it up by using multiple different soaps such as Mickey and Minnie soaps...just a thought. I actually was gifted a really cute Disney body lotion and I must say they smell just as good or better usually than regular name brand soaps!

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17 Signs You're In A Serious Relationship With A History Major

There's few to come by, but history majors are the mysterious ones for colleges in Liberal Arts and Sciences. They're also going to be your favorite person in the world.


The vast amount of majors at college and university include engineering, business, tech, even nursing. For some, like myself, history majors are few.

I chose to be one because I've always had a huge interest in history, so why not try and make a career out of it? You may be thinking, "All they do is study dates and figures, nothing else," but in reality, we're understanding the past, living in the present, and comprehending the future. We're also probably the most considerate of your emotions and feelings, so give us a chance, folks.

Here are 17 reasons why it will be benefitting to you to date a history major.

1. When you ask what the date is and they tell you...before giving us a "this day in history" fact

If you ask what the date is, and it's June 6th, be careful of being warped into a whole D-Day fact from your S.O. It's an important day, but obviously you didn't ask for a history lesson haha!

2. "Come over"; "Can't, writing a paper about the Renaissance"

It's pretty self-explanatory.

3. Seeing the countless biographical books and DVDs in their room


If they have "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu, they're a keeper. Wife/husband them immediately.

4. Reading dozens of emails from History.com...

5...then reading "this day in history" instead of their texts


6. When you're walking and they spot a historical place (instead of somewhere to eat)

"Oh look, there's a nice bistro over there." "Yeah, hold on, babe, look at that Civil War statue of Stonewall Jackson."

7. When you see them quoting historical people for their Instagram captions

8. Posting historical photos on their Instagram (instead of posting one of you two at a formal)


You try to laugh, but you really don't get this meme about Teddy Roosevelt

10. They have a calendar of either WWII or Vietnam in their room

I have one featuring the Civil War, so just trust me on this one.

11. "Good thing I have papers and not tests," they say as you cram six months of Algebra in your brain for a final


12. "Dropping" them off at class and there's only six other students in the classroom

It's like high school detention in there with that class size!

13. When they're excited to see something at the Smithsonian



14. Watching historical documentaries on Netflix instead of an actual movie

"Babe, Infinity War." "Yeah, that's great, but like check out this documentary on the Battle of Britain."

15. Probably have Dean Martin, Motown, or classical music on their playlist


16. Having one final (but turns out to be a take home paper)

Those lucky bastards.

17. Writing their thesis at the bar on your anniversary...and you're not even mad because you know they love what they study


If that's not true love, I don't know what is.

So there you have it, folks, some signs on your S.O. who is a history major! Happy loving!

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