Going into college I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to be or what I wanted to do with my life.

At first I started off as a chemistry major. I had this great idea that I wanted to become an orthodontist. It was a great thought and my parents loved the idea. So, I thought what the heck let's give it a shot. Turns out I really didn't feel like I could go through with the whole orthodontist thing. I knew I was smart enough and if I stuck to it I would make a lot of money. As I started thinking about it more, I just didn't think that being an orthodontist was the right fit for me. Plus I hate science so I really don't know what I was thinking.

Second semester I had changed my major to mathematics. I always loved math as a child so I thought hey why not! I did great that semester, but then I started thinking well what will I do with a math degree. I had the thought of becoming a teacher but I don't like to speak in front of people. I love kids and everything but honestly I don't think I could deal with them the rest of my life. So at this point in my life I had no idea what I wanted to do or what even my major should be.

Over the summer before sophomore year, I had talked to my parents about switching to an accounting major. It's math and I don't have to speak in front of anyone. I had talked to a few accountants about what they do and how they like their job and if it would be a good field for me. So far, it has been great. Of course there are going to be a few hard classes but I like it so far.

Accounting is also a really good field to be in because everyone needs an accountant. So, I feel like I some what have my life together and know what I'm going to do with my life, but you know it can always change.