My Astro​​logical Crisis, and How it Changed my Life
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My Astro​​logical Crisis, and How it Changed my Life

My entire life I thought I was a Pisces, until the fateful day I got bored and took an online test which revealed my true astrological sign to be Aries.

My Astro​​logical Crisis, and How it Changed my Life

I have been obsessed with astrological signs since the day I learned about them. I like to think of myself as one of those trendy girls that likes to indulge in both the spiritual and material world, so of course I have spent countless hours researching and reading about my astrological sign. I was always under the impression I was a Pisces, the mysterious twin fish star sign with the element of water. I thought it was so me, but I was so wrong.

The Big Mistake 

Mistake number one that day was getting bored enough to aimlessly scroll through twitter. I should have done something productive, I could've gone for a run or updated my Spotify playlists, but no. I did what any lazy millennial girl would do when bored. I took to the internet and scrolled through twitter. Eventually I came across an astrology account, which lead me to the astrology calculator. When you google "Pisces dates" the results always say February 19-March 20th and my Birthday is March 20th. I always knew I was right on the cusp of Pisces and Aries but never felt any reason to investigate. I was tempted though and of course had to try the calculator. So I clicked the link.

The Reaction 

I took the test, without any clue in the world that the results would change my life. I pressed submit and what I saw terrified me. The results said I was an Aries. I was convinced the calculator was broken, proceeded to take the test about five more times, then took about five more calculator tests on different websites. The results all came back the same, I was an Aries. I will admit I did start crying in this moment. Empathize with me a little bit here, my whole life I identified as a Pisces, read my horoscope daily and everything. My life felt like a lie.

The Aftermath

Pisces and Aries are nothing alike. Every time I read about Pisces in the past I would react and say "oh thats so me". Guess what. When I started reading about Aries I had the exact same reaction. I still love astrological signs do not get me wrong, but I do see why some people call them a farce now. The more I processed what had happened I realized it was not as big of a deal as it had originally seemed. I was still the same Anne, my astrological sign really did not determine my life as much as I thought it did. I did take to twitter and tweet about what had happened, ironic since this was where the whole debacle began.

The Lessons 

Please, next time you are bored do something productive with your time. Paint, go on a hike, write a movie script. You do not need any life changing twitter experiences like mine. If any of you readers are fellow Aries let me know some fun facts! I am still learning after my many years of being a false Pisces. If any of you readers are Pisces, I will gladly send you the mug I am currently sipping out of with the Pisces symbol on it because it seems like I will not be needing that anymore.

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