Starting something new

To everyone who has read my articles over the past two years, thank you. I appreciate all of the feedback, kind words and stories that have been shared as a result of my writing. To those who I have received backlash from, thank you to you too.

Listening to both sides have helped me grow into someone I am proud to be. Understanding the thoughts of other people has benefited me as a writer. By having negative reviews and differences of opinions, I have only become stronger.

During the next few weeks, I am starting Pastry and Writing school, as well as finishing Hebrew (thank god) and my makeup certification.

Because I have so much on my plate, it is time for me to say goodbye to Odyssey, for now.
I am beyond grateful to be involved in such an incredible publication. I have learned so much and made amazing connections I would have never had if it wasn't for Odyssey.

Two years ago I was going through a lot and the only way I could express myself properly was through my writing. My mind goes a million miles a minute, so typing was the fastest and easiest way to get it all out.

As a result, I'm growing into someone I never knew I could be. I became more observant and my life changed for the better the more I wrote. I now do my best to walk in other people's shoes. Writing has helped me pay attention to detail in many aspects of life. I listen more, I learn more and am open to new experiences than I never was before. Being able to write for the Odyssey has given me a sense of fearlessness and confidence I had lost.

The fact that I have been able to reach so many people when I was writing for myself is one of the most incredible feelings. Now I do what I do not only for myself, but for others who aren't able to voice their emotions or even understand them. I still struggle with understanding how I'm feeling sometimes, but it is all a part of that adventure we call life.

It has taken me a lot to get to where I am and I know how hard it can be. I for sure am not done growing, but I am more grounded than before and have a new passion that I will continue carry with me for the rest of my life.

I wouldn't wish my past experiences upon anyone (for those of you who have read my previous articles or know me personally, you know what some of those are) but if it weren't for those situations, heartaches and losses, I wouldn't be where I am right now.

What I have learned through all of this, is that there is always a silver lining.

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