Change the World: One Random Act Of Kindness At A Time
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Change the World: One Random Act Of Kindness At A Time

We rise by lifting others.

Change the World: One Random Act Of Kindness At A Time
"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

Plato said it best! Have you ever gotten that warm, fuzzy feeling when someone holds the door open for you? Or when you see a couple on a date and he pulls the seat out for her, or opens the door for her. It's not just in movies, and chivalry isn't dead. These days we, as in humankind, or at least America, have a growing problem of expectations. For whatever reason, we feel entitled for people to serve us, but when is the last time you served someone else? Whether it was a smile walking down the hallway, or letting someone out in traffic, you are in charge of the impact you have on the lives of other people- so take advantage of it. No money? That's okay. Limited time? Not a problem. There is no excuse not to indulge in the world of random acts of kindness. Here's how!

1. Call or visit someone who is lonely, or whom you haven't talked to in a while.

A simple hello and asking how someone is doing can change their day!

2. Offer the handyman a drink.

Next time someone is at your house fixing something, offer them a drink or a snack.

3. Volunteer.

Giving to others can change your life more than you would think. Even if it's just an hour or a penny, anything is better than nothing.

4. Thank your police or fire department.

Stop and take a sec to express your gratitude to the men and women who serve your community everyday.

5. Be a role model.

You never know who is watching, being aware of your actions and set a good example for those who look up to you.

6. Compliment someone.

Compliments are a little thing but can light up anyone's day!

7. Be a friend who listens.

Sometimes, you just need talk it out, be the friend your friends can confide in.

8. Be kind to someone you dislike.

Kill 'em with kindness; you never know if understanding him or her might make you appreciate your differences.

9. Arrive on time.

What better way to display good manners than being on time, it'll make you feel better too!

10. Praise your peers.

Acknowledging others hard work and achievements can go a long way!

11. Send someone an e-mail.

Random thankful emails and friendly email etiquette like returning emails promptly can make someone's day a lot easier.

12. Let someone go in front of you in line.

Today when you find yourself waiting in line, let someone in front of you if you're not in a huge rush. No one likes waiting in line, but use the time to appreciate the people around you.

13. Smile at five strangers.

Send a sincere smile to encourage a stranger today!

14. Write a thank you note.

In a world of technology, snail-mail has lost it's touch. Whether it's to a teacher, your mom or an old friend a hand-written letter means a lot!

15. Give directions to someone who is lost.

We've all been lost before, even if you're running late you won't regret taking an extra minute to help someone out.

16. Give care-packs to the homeless.

So many everyday accessories and toiletries, we take for granted; this can help someone in more ways than a dollar.

17. Share this article with a friend!

"We rise by lifting others." Someone you know needs to hear this today, you might just be one random act of kindness away from changing the world!

You never know when one simple smile can change someone's day. You never know when you can have a lasting impression on someone with a simple kind gesture. You never know what other people are going through- so make sure that your part in their story is a good one. Go out of your way to serve others, because I promise you, what you get back will be ten-fold.

“To do more for the world than the world does for you, that is success.” Henry Ford
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