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We all have this voice in our head that urges us to do something to change the world. Most times, we don't really know where to start since there seems to be a whole lot that needs to change, and not enough time, energy, and people on-board.

I went through this phase where I became an eco-friendly freak to the point I would become pissed at the world when a customer I rung up wanted a plastic bag for a single item. I would let those plastic hungry people drag me down into this bog of frustration.

It became a weight that I carried with me every day because I felt like I was the only one that cared about the Earth. It slowly started to digress into hatred towards humanity for not wanting to participate in better solutions.

I would do my part with recycling, using refillable water bottles, and avoiding plastic bags whenever I was out shopping. I even bought reusable baggies for food and straws made out of bamboo, but for some reason, my family was still buying plastic wrap and water bottles. I felt like I was tiring myself out trying to convince others to help me care for the world.

I wanted so badly to be a part of a change, but what I found was that by doing my part, that was enough for now. I needed to do my thing with a more positive attitude.

I felt the tension lift up from my shoulders. All I needed to do was perceive things a bit differently since I couldn't convince others to do the same things I was doing.

How was I supposed to change the world if I didn't believe that others could change it with me?

I was reading "The Book of Mastery," and the second chapter discussed the concept that the world is malleable and so are our perceptions of the lives that we live. If we look inward, we're able to see the world differently, but there first has to be a change within ourselves in order to see a change in the world. I was able to confirm that statement as true, from personal experience.

I've found that I've been able to look at things differently ever since I started my spiritual journey. I have also discovered that, even though we should all want to change the world for the good, we all need to begin with ourselves first.

Instead of starting with massive goals like "saving the world", it's better to start with more ideal goals like "being kind to others", participating in service projects, becoming a better person... the list goes on.

To my surprise, I was able to help change the world starting with one person: my significant other. By being with him, he has helped me see the world with fresh eyes, and he said I did the same for him, so you could even change someone else's world.

I think that's even more important.

Inspiring others to do good things is a step in the right direction, too! YOU could be the cause of the next domino effect and could even be the reason why someone's day got better.

All you have to do is look inward, and I promise, there's going to be a change.

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