It was raspberry ice tea, chills running down your spine because of the cold floors touching your feet, watching the sun rise from your bedroom window. It was stepping outside to the smell of fresh cut hay, laughter after a long days work and falling asleep to the sound of the pager in the kitchen. Things at that point in time seemed alright, the puzzle was put together some would call it much simpler.

Fast forward it a couple years and certain things have changed. Your hair is longer much longer than it use to be, you put more trust in 1200 pound animal than you did with your own blood, and your soul has grown into a beautiful sunflower. Why a sunflower, because they are tall, beautiful, independent and so much more than any other flower I would ever want to be.

I have reflected on my life this past week and I have compared it to where I am now as a person. The times have change and I am learning to adapt to it, for example there is no more raspberry ice tea but just mango water from the student restaurant. No more falling asleep to the sound of a pager, but just the faint ticking of a clock to sooth my mind. These small changes have brought some of the greatest treasures my way, and I am so grateful them.

I am grateful for experiencing the beauty of the ocean with you for the first time since I was five years old, Chinese dinner dates, fortune cookie readings, celebrating graduation, and every accomplishment that I have been blessed with since that moment. I could go about every single moment that I am grateful for but it would take a little over a year to share each memory. You took a world that seemed extremely shattered, bruised, scared and woven it back into a beautiful adventure that I once pictured it to be.

Change was always a scary thought especially when it involves my life because I am never quiet sure on how to handle it. When we met you took the time to listen to my thoughts that I had stored away for a long time. You took what I said held it in the palm of your hand and piece by piece, you slowly glued my puzzle pieces back together.

Change to me is no longer a scary thought for I know you will always stand along side me and we will tackle it together. I am grateful that God has sent you my way, there is so many adventures awaiting us that I can not wait to experience each one with you. Change can be beautiful and because of what I experience it lead me to you.

All my love,