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Change For A Change


We often times as beings of the human incarnate look at change with fearful apprehension, timidly moving towards the darkness, filled with apprehension and fear. Change, however, is something that is innate within in our very existence, from the conception of our physical bodies change governs the landscape of our essence. It therefore can be concluded that change is the only constant with which our lives are tethered together with, so why might we fear that which is commonplace? Why do we distress over “uncertainty” when we are born from it? What would our lives be like if we accepted change with open arms? How would we live if we sought change? What wonderful experiences do we deny ourselves by denying change?

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.” This quote is something that I live my life by. I suppose change in itself is scary because it is the unknown. The unknown brings with it uncertainty. Uncertainty brings with it the possibility of loss. Our very heartbeat is what we bring to the poker table of life to barter with, therefore possibility of loss is exceeding of unacceptable. Our happiness cannot be the median with which we gamble with because our happiness is the vocal point of our being-ness. Even the most minuscule of pleasure is cherished as the trailblazer in us perishes for the sake of contentment and the trepidation of loss. We then settle for safety. The fear, as well as the doubt, will always be there when we encounter a new experience because with routines we feel safe. Change brings the possibility of something better, but it also brings with it the possibility of something “worse.”

I have learned through my experiences with life to allow change. I look to nature to reassure my ideology. The transition from a seed to a beautiful rose or from a caterpillar to a stunning butterfly reaffirms my belief. When encountering something new, while letting something go is quite like the experience of life and death, however, it seems as if the transition always leads to something more delightful and often improved. I frequently think what my life would be like if I didn’t follow the path of change due to fear. I look around at my friends and I think to myself, “what if I never moved away from home and I never met this person or that person?” I look around at the places that I have been and the experiences I have had and I think to myself, “what if I would have missed this because I was too afraid of what the change I made would have brought?” My fear was then never for what the change may or may not have brought but rather what and whom I would have not possessed in this all to fleeting experience of life.

I ask that you not look upon change with fear. Always know that in this ever expanding universe, love and well-being are innate within all things. Every “NO” lead to a “YES” somewhere else. When one door closes another one opens. When we embrace change we can go from walking the earth to flying in the sky as the caterpillar does. If you have an opportunity to completely turn your life upside down, and live in a place of uncertainty, with new experience and new things…TAKE IT!

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