Content warning: Sexual assault

A few years ago, we all heard the groundbreaking news. Stanford rapist rapes unconscious girl near dumpster and leaves her to fend for herself. Stanford rapist is convicted for three years, only gets sentenced for six months, and only serves three. Stanford rapist gets off with a clean record because he's an athlete, an Olympic level swimmer.

Oh, and because he's WHITE. Let's be real, if he was a person of color, he would've still been in jail.

The judge believed he deserved a second chance because of his swimming record. Like thanks dude, mind giving back the victim her peace of mind? For over three years, no one knew her name. I remember when people would perform the court document she presented during her trial for speech tournaments, crediting her as anonymous. Now, she's publicly come out and is writing a book detailing her experiences and growth.

Chanel Miller is her name. Miller was assaulted after a party. She writes about how after the incident, she didn't want her body anymore, scared of how a stranger had been inside of it. That spoke volumes to me. If you're a female, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Every female has this fear. It's disgusting, and it shouldn't exist. It's sickening.

It's nuts how the rapist got off after a few months and has resumed life like how nothing ever happened, but it took years for the victim to come out and say who she really is.

Chanel Miller's book "Know My Name" will be released on September 24. You can preorder the book here.