Bringing a Winning Attitude to Your Life

It's "Florida Week" at Mississippi State University. It's the one week that every Mississippi State fan has been waiting for since Dan Mullen left us to go to be the head football coach at The University of Florida. With the arrival of new, promising head coach, Joe Moorhead, Bulldog fans from around the nation will be filling Davis Wade Stadium to watch and see what happens on that football field on Saturday night.

When Joe Moorhead left Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) to come coach at Mississippi State, emotions were high in Starkville. When Joe Moorhead came in speaking of a "Championship Standard" he introduced his plan for the team, fan base, and university as a whole. The morale of Mississippi State University Football has done a complete 180 since Joe Moorhead came to Mississippi State, and it's time that we should start applying this to our "Championship Standard" to our lives as well.

Everyone has a bad day, it's just a part of life. Even Mississippi State Football stumbled last Saturday against Kentucky, but I believe that the Bulldogs are ready to come back strong and defeat the Gators on Saturday night. Joe Moorhead's "Championship Standard" hasn't been permanently crushed by one loss, or even forgotten by the fanbase, because being a champion isn't about winning everytime, it's about losing and learning how to win after you've lost.

When you fail that test, or forget that you had that paper due, you've got to learn what it means to come back stronger: study harder, get a tutor, GO TO CLASS, and get a planner!

Every plan of attack is different. You don't use the same defense on a run play as you do on a hail mary, it just wouldn't work. Granted, the defense doesn't always know what play the other team is going to run, sometimes they may have a good idea, but they're not always certain.

Planning an attack and it not being the right one isn't always a failure. Sometimes you have to change horses mid race, and go with the flow. When you thought you wanted to study, but your friends want to go out to eat, or there's a volleyball game on campus and they want you to come, GO WITH THEM! It's okay to change your plans last minute, being a champion is about being about to adapt to change quickly.

Sometimes being a champion is about being able to do things uncertainly. Everyone knows the feeling when pass is deep and you don't think there's anyway that the receiver could possibly grab it but he stretches out his body and barely grabs the ball before pulling it to him and falling to the ground. COMPLETE PASS! Huge gain for the offense!

A life built on a "Championship Standard" means taking risks. It means "laying out"and applying for that internship, even if you just KNOW you won't get it, because what if you do? It's about taking all the chances you're given, because one day you won't be able to take them anymore. Don't be afraid to call a hail mary, and don't give up on the ball, even if it seems out of reach.

"Championship Standard." Two words that have changed the course of Mississippi State Football, the MSU Bulldog Fans, and the entire university. Mississippi State was recently named "The Best College in the State of Mississippi" by Time Magazine. A true "Championship Standard" is in place at Mississippi State, and this standard is upheld by champions. Don't be afraid to take chances, go with the flow, and ALWAYS come back stronger. Be a champion, it's your time to lay the standard of your life.

Think like a champion. Act like a champion. BE A CHAMPION- this is you're time.

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