6 Challenges To Do Instead Of Eating Tide Pods

6 Challenges To Do Instead Of Eating Tide Pods

Not all challenges should threaten your life.

Unless you live under a rock, you've probably heard of the newest challenge that has everybody talking. The infamous Tide Pod Challenge has once again made a comeback. Their dangers came to light a year or so ago after their initial release due to small children ingesting them. Improvements have been made by the manufacturers of the packaging to help prevent accidental ingestion.

However, with this recent challenge, older children - even adults - are now voluntarily ingesting these laundry detergent pods, and also recording themselves doing so.

Other challenges have come and gone. We have had challenges such as The Mannequin Challenge and Cinnamon Challenge. Most of these challenges rarely prove beneficial and can even cost you your life. So how about we try to partake in challenges that will benefit ourselves, and maybe also benefit others as well?

1. The Working Out and Losing Weight Challenge

By now, most of those who have made New Year's Resolutions to lose weight have fallen off of that bandwagon. They may or may not have made some progress with losing weight and eating healthier. No matter how many bad habits you end up picking back up, please do not add Tide Pods on that side of french fries. Laundry detergent pods are also not recommended to be part of any kind of cleanse.

2. The Paying Off Loans and Credit Cards Quicker Challenge

If there are two things that young adults know all too well, it's debts and loans. Between credit cards and student loans, we know all too well the problem of owing more than we make. We have read online of all of those ways we can climb ourselves out of the deepening hole, and eating Tide Pods was certainly not one of those ways, nor will it ever be.

3. The Binge Watching that New Series Challenge

House of Cards, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Grace and Frankie are just a few of the many things you can watch on Netflix, just in case you needed another series to binge-watch next weekend. While binge-watching may not be the healthiest of habits, at least it cannot potentially kill you like ingesting a Tide Pod could.

4. The Clean Your Room Challenge

A cluttered room is said to be related to having a cluttered mind as well. It is a lot easier to collect things like clothes and toys than to sift through them and get rid of what you don't need, thinking that you want and need everything that you own. How about cleaning your room instead of ingesting a laundry detergent pod?

5. The Going Through Your Email Inbox Challenge

I am notorious for almost never checking my email inboxes. That's right, I said inboxes - plural. I may check the occasional email from my professors or advisor, but aside from that, I am quite terrible when it comes to emails, incoming or outgoing. I would rather actually try to clean out an email inbox instead of even thinking about jumping on board with the Tide Pod Challenge.

6. The Buying Less Unnecessary Items Challenge

I am also notorious for buying more things than I actually need in my life. I am trying to significantly ease up on that spending for the sake of my finances and living space. For instance, when it comes to things like video games, try to buy a game at a time and either trade or sell that game before buying another one. I am not sure whether that plan will actually work for me but I can at least try. This is a better idea than trying the Tide Pod Challenge.

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How Coaching with Juliet Can Help You Transform Your Life?


The Conscious Creation Coaching Process is for driven and soulful men and women around the world who are committed to designing the life they love. My mission is to inspire you to wake up to your power and purpose, shed perceived limitations, embody your vision, and consciously create a life aligned with your dream and highest path.

Most people live their lives obeying every command from the body and mind. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it; after all, this is the game of life we came here to play. However, manifestation from only those two components can be limiting which leads to lack and frustration in areas such as love or purpose because there is a higher power (your True Essence) that exists within you that is not yet being utilized. The moment you allow yourself to consciously work with your True Essence, conscious creation becomes fun, effortless and limitless.

Each soul has come to earth as a divine channel for its unique chosen mission and gifts. Along with it, we are all given the tools to design a life of love, joy, abundance and wholeness. These tools are called thoughts, emotions, action, and focus. When they are used consciously and purposefully to manifest, we embody the magician within – the magician who has the power to Be, Do and Create anything his, or her heart desires.

The problem is, these tools are equally powerful when it comes to creating undesired outcomes, and this is the unconscious creation many in the world are currently experiencing.

Dear one, don’t be so hard on yourself, you did not do anything wrong. If you are currently experiencing frustration in a certain area in your life, know that you absolutely have the power to create something different!

The truth is, none of us were taught how to use these tools back in school. In fact, many of the beliefs we inherited unconsciously from peers, parents, adults, and society when we were younger programmed us to lower our self-worth, put our needs last, doubt ourselves and our abilities to fulfill our dreams, and live in constant scarcity and lack because “there is not enough (love, kindness, money, fun, etc) in the world.”

All of those beliefs are false, yet we have all invested our energy into them.

As a result, those unconscious disempowering patterns continue to dictate our lives, and influence our decisions and actions in life. We end up dimming our own light, playing small, and settling in less-than-desired careers, circumstances, and relationships without even knowing why we do it.

In short, we have forgotten we are the magician who has the power to design a life that can support and inspire us on every level.

It’s time for you to awaken to your authenticity and truth, and claim your ultimate birthright as a conscious creator.

You have every tool you need to create the life you desire, and you are infinitely worthy and deserving of it.

In order to make the shift, it is essential to work with all three parts of you at the same time – body, mind and True Essence. Remember, the most powerful creation stems from our wholeness; this is the meaning of holistic.

The first part of the Conscious Creation Process focuses on working with your mindset and energy using proven techniques derived from coaching, NLP, cognitive psychology, integrative hypnosis, and energy medicine. Both your conscious and unconscious mind are engaged in this process so you can uncover, and shed whatever limitations that are in the way. The process is similar to a thorough house cleaning – it is impossible to invite magic and miracles into a crowded space full of old and broken “stuff” you may have forgotten about until you de-clutter the space.

As the mind goes through the transformation, it becomes more effortless for it to allow your True Essence to guide you in receiving, and taking inspired actions in life.

Within the clear space, we will work with customized tools of conscious creation, and create a tailored step-by-step plan of action by identifying what truly matters to you, unleashing your unique soul gifts, remembering your purpose, and calling in whatever you desire whether it is shifting careers, attracting love and community into your life, building a creative project, or expanding your spiritual journey.

When you work with me, I will be your guide to support you every step of the way, and co-create your vision so you may live your higher destiny as a liberated and empowered conscious creator.

Cover Image Credit: Transform Your Life

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A Home Gym Is Worth The Investment

Think about it: no drive back and forth, and no wait on the machines!

Are you too fed up of waking up and getting ready to move out to your gym session? So, why don't you set up your own gym at home? Okay, I guess you must be thinking it will put a hole in your pocket.

But trust me your new home-gym will require a one-time investment and not only this, you'll save a lot of time meaning no chaos of daily traffic while heading towards the gym and back, no long wait for equipment. A sense of relief.

But wait, setting up your home-gym can be challenging though. You need to do a long research regarding home gym equipment, where to buy from, to see whether it is affordable or not, in fact, space can also be an issue to consider.

Relax, you don’t need to worry about anything because I put every possible information you need to know before you start and too that without spending much and space.

Make your home gym a refuge

Going to the gym session means you want to get free from your daily-life stress. Thus, if possible, choose a place where you don’t have any unwanted disturbances such as a basement, garage or lock yourself in a room where no one can enter very often.

Doing this will help you to properly focus on your workouts and no other individual can interrupt you in between your sessions. Now, show aggression while doing gym and not on any being.

Make your home gym motivating

Why make adjustments when you can adjust the things in your own way? Another appreciable perk of a home gym is that you have your own space and you can make it how you want it to look like.

You have many options to keep yourself motivated, for example, some good music with a pair of good loudspeakers to keep the energy high, a full-length mirror with perfect lighting that not only reminds you to do little extra but even shows a progress report or some posters if you have an idol.

Home gym equipment essentials

Equipment 1: Power rack

The must-have equipment if you want to lift heavily and safely. A power rack is really essential when you need to do your daily workout, be it bench press, military press, squats or deadlift, so no worries if you have space issues.

You cannot assume that every power rack you look for, will be of high standards. Maybe some of them are solid and of high-quality while, you may even get something of extremely poor quality. Relax, I have covered some important points you need to consider before buying one. Rest you can search for best power rack reviews for your home gym 2018 and you will get more on that.

Tall enough for overhead pressing in it: Are you on a budget? And you can’t even compromise with your physical fitness. Chill, usually seated military pressing are highly suggested, it further needs a utility bench. But in case, you don’t want to spend bucks, you need to do the presses while standing, and also your rack should be tall enough otherwise before you start pressing you to need to clean the weight up into the position.

Strong enough to hold at least 300 (women) to 500 (men): It is very important because you never know some extra motivation can lead to some extra squatting.

Safety arms that can be raised and lowered: Because you are setting up a home gym so it is not necessary that you have a spotter every time, thus, in that case, safety arms will be your spotter.

Rogue's power racks are highly recommended in terms of commercial quality if for looking for some good brand. What else do you need if a company provides you with a lifetime warranty on their products? It does the same along with the consumer price tag.

Equipment 2: Barbell and plates

If you really desire to have a stronger body, all it requires is true weightlifting and barbell is the key to it. Generally, you’ll find two kinds of barbells i.e. standard and Olympic. So, if someone asks me to suggest, I would say Olympic bar because they are 7 feet long with great thickness and are used for heavy lifting. While on the other hand, a thickness of the standard bars is about 1 inch and they even start bending at about 200 pounds.

When you are looking for the plates, you’ll find standard metal or rubber-coated plates. Also, Crossfit is offering thick bumper plates that are quite considerable nowadays.

Now, two case arises. If noise is not an issue while doing Olympic lifts or deadlifting, carry on with the regular plates. However, if this noise is a disturbing element while performing Olympic lifts or deadlifting, then two 45-lb bumper plates will definitely work for you.

Equipment 3: An Adjustable Bench

Even if you are not choosy, still you have to be because quality matters while you purchase an adjustable bench. Thus, having a strong and comfortable bench is another great benefit for your home gym. Obviously, you don’t want to stick to your regular exercises, this is the reason why an adjustable bench is suggested instead of a flat bench.

If you are looking for a reliable product, try Body-Solid Powerline Folding Utility Weight Bench.

Equipment 4: Dumbbells

Well, if I talk about dumbbells, even if you don't have them you won't feel like something is missing. Reason being, power rack and barbell set will be enough for you to keep going at a normal pace. But if you need to do some particular workouts such as chest, arms and shoulder workouts, dumbbells can be considered.

Since you are setting up a gym in your home, you might want to save money if possible, and plate-loaded dumbbells can be considered. On the other side, a traditional set of dumbbells can also work but can create issues as well. If you are installing a rack which is obviously quite pricey and covers quite a bit of space.

Thus, purchasing adjustable dumbbells set is probably a good decision. They are not much expensive and easy-to-use ones, also they come heavy.

Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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