The Chainsmokers released a new song, which would be their collaboration with singer/songwriter Halsey! Halsey along with The Chainsmokers are new, fresh faces to the music industry. They’ve both individually brought very unique music up to the radio surface such as a little bit of angsty indie pop from Halsey, to the upbeat electro-pop that The Chainsmokers bring to the table. When you bring these two things together it results in the vibe consisting of teenage angst, pop, and dance- something every teenager can relate and want to dance to. Both artists, though very new, still have gotten radio play and plenty of exposure creating a song that has the potential for an amazing amount of hype.

This song “closer” has been described on as “a millennial romance anthem that celebrates youth and heartbreak” which I couldn't agree with more. With lyrics like “Hey, I was doing just fine before I met you/ I drink too much and that’s an issue but I’m okay” describing a drinking problem following the breakup, and “you look as good as the day that i met you/ i forget the reason that i left you, I was insane”. These are all good examples of dysfunctional breakups that teenagers often go through and definitely highlights the youth and heartbreak with a bit of angst to it. The lyrics definitely have a teenage/rebellious vibe to them, especially when talking about moving to a new city and dropping contact with said person. This song is definitely something many teens can relate to because I'm sure many people have seen their ex at another point in life and really missed them to the point you actually question why they broke up in the first place.

As for the overall sound of the song, it is something that I think many people could enjoy and dance to! It has the male voice of the chainsmokers with a few verses from Halsey as well. This song brings indie pop and electronic pop together which definitely gives off a great party feeling to it. It has a very upbeat party vibe sound in the backdrop of the vocals, creating a sound that's very electronic and fun, with a beat drop kind of like the beats in EDM but less intense. When Halsey’s vocals are introduced it brings a sweet change of tone with angst in her lyrics and her high feminine singing voice. Once her vocals are introduced she starts to harmonize with the voice of The Chainsmokers which just sounds aesthetically pleasing to the ear because harmonizing a low and high pitched vocals sounds very good. Bringing their two completely different but beautiful voices together, creates something so unique that it will catch the attention of millions, Im sure.