7 Of The Most Powerful Celebrity Tweets After The Santa Fe High School School Shooting

7 Of The Most Powerful Celebrity Tweets After The Santa Fe High School School Shooting

Santa Fe is not another statistic, Santa Fe is a turning point.

On May 18, students of Santa Fe High School in Texas went into a school to be faced with terror as they marked twenty-second school shooting this year.

Ten students and staff were killed while 13 others are injured. Some of the victims were as young as fifteen years. Horror spread throughout the nation as yet another act of gun violence was inflicted on our schools. People are fed up with the fear that has struck our nation and is ready for change to happen. Some celebrities tweeted out following the school shooting at Santa Fe High School. I have compiled a list of the most powerful tweets to the most recent school shooting.

1. Talk show host and comedian, Ellen DeGeneres.

DeGeneres, like many people, continue to send their love and condolences to victims and their families. However, she finishes off her tweet with, "we can do better than this. We much do better than this." It is clear that this is not the time to shy away from the gravity of this issue and it's on us, as a nation, to do something about it.

2. Actress and author, Mayim Bialik.

Bialik highlights the fact that Santa Fe High School just months before their shooting joined thousands of schools across the nation to walk out of class in protest for gun reform. The protesters rallied and fought but it's time for the real change that happens in Congress with President. Bialik ends her tweet with a loss for words stating, "I don't know that there are words anymore for what continues to happen in this country."

3. Singer and actress, Selena Gomez.

Gomez sent out two tweets after the shooting. It was clear that this tragedy hit close to home since she had grown up in Texas. She ends her first tweet with, "Congress continues to do absolutely nothing and it's infuriating." She is as frustrated as everyone else who has to continue to watch kids go to school in fear. Gomez follows up that tweet tagging @everytwon and encouraging people to get out and make this movement "even louder."

4. Parkland survivor and activist, Emma González.

González has been in the students of Santa Fe High School's shoes before. She acknowledges their support during the National School Walk Out and promises to support them in return. González also makes a powerful statement of what these students "deserve." They don't deserve this tragedy but they deserve action and support.

5. Actor, Bryan Cranston.

Cranston states the headline of an article posted by The Onion, a satirical online news site. The headline reads, "'No Way To Prevent This' Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens." He continues with questioning when everyone will be able to come together and stop the shootings. The fact that our nation has had so many acts of gun violence should say something. It is time for us to decide on a solution in order to save lives.

6. Singer and songwriter, Khalid.

"We need control," says Khalid in his tweet after the shooting. School is a place for learning and for students to become adults. This is not the time to argue but to save lives because students going to school in fear every day is not a way for our nation to function.

7. Actor, Mark Hamill.

Finally, Hamill knows that the only way for these shootings to end is if our politicians stand up and make a change. He wants them to stand up against the NRA and start passing legislation to obtain sensible gun laws. There is obviously a cycle that needs to end in order for things to change.

The other day in school my teacher went through a step by step process on how we should act if there were to be a school shooting at my high school. Every class, every lunch, and every drill fill students, like me, with fear.

Even though I live in New Jersey which has a lot of laws prohibiting people from obtaining a gun, I know that there is always the possibility. The students across America will be remembered for our strength and determination. We need to keep the conversation going about reasonable gun control. Santa Fe is not another statistic, Santa Fe is a turning point. I say ENOUGH, do you?

Cover Image Credit: CBSN

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Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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