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When I Grow Up I Want To Be Exactly Like These 11 Celebrities Who Seem To Have Life Figured Out

Being famous isn't the ultimate goal, just simply having a grasp on my life would be nice...

When I Grow Up I Want To Be Exactly Like These 11 Celebrities Who Seem To Have Life Figured Out

Celebrities nowadays are numerous and definitely different. You have people that have no grip on their lives, and let fame and fortune take over. On the other hand, you have those that use their elite status as an advocate for good things in life. They're true role models for my generation and more. Here are 11 celebrities that I want to be when I grow up, and definitely have their lives figured out.

1. Emma Watson


If you don't love Emma Watson, then you have some serious problems. Like for real, check yourself. This girl was a star from the moment she stepped foot into the Harry Potter films, and has been a perfect role model and advocate for young girls everywhere. She's body positive, a ray of sunshine, intelligent, and makes everyone feel like there's hope in humanity once more.

2. Jennifer Lawrence


While it's been a while since her debut in the Hunger Games movies as a badass heroine, Katniss Everdeen, Jennifer Lawrence never fails to amaze us and make us laugh. She's starred in many movies besides the Hunger Games, including Winter's Bone, American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook, and Red Sparrow. She's well known for not giving a single care about what people say about her, and getting right back up after she falls at award shows. She also sets a good example for girls about body acceptance, self-respect, a strong work ethic, and not taking yourself too seriously. J-Law, we love you always!

3. Ellen DeGeneres


Oh, Ellen. I seriously don't know how someone could not like this woman. She's overcome so many hardships during her lifetime, especially when her career took a hit due to her sexual orientation. She has inspired, changed, loved, and entertained so many people over the years. Ellen's character helps me believe there's still good in the world. I can only hope to help people and change the world as she has one day.

4. Lin-Manuel Miranda


For those that only know him as **Alexander Hamilton** on Broadway, Lin-Manuel Miranda is the epitome of success. He has inspired countless kids, teens, and adults to learn more about American history and theater from his role in Hamilton. He also composed the music for Disney's film Moana. He's about to star in the Mary Poppins remake, which I'm super pumped for, and on top of that, is an outspoken advocate for arts education.

5. Zendaya


Most of the millennials know about Zendaya from Disney Channel's "Shake It Up", but they should also know her for the way she handles her haters on Twitter. This year was full of opportunities for the young actress to call out beauty double standards. She's gorgeous, funny, sassy, and doesn't care who you are, she'll send love and positive vibes your way -- the perfect role model for everyone.

6. Reese Witherspoon


Even during her Legally Blonde days, Reese Witherspoon never fails to be a #BossBItch. She taught girls that they can bypass stereotypes, such as the "Dumb Blonde" ones, and continues to be a strong and positive social media presence. She's united with hundreds of other women to launch Time's Up, a legal fund put together to pay for legal services of women who have been harassed in the workplace.

7. LeBron James


Despite James' controversies in the sports world, you can't deny the guy is a GOAT. He has amazing work ethic, talent, and shows love to those that support him. He's also been giving back to his Cleveland community, no matter what team he plays for. His foundation is pledging to send 1,000 inner-city kids to college as part of a new scholarship program he's launching. Considering James never went to college himself, this is pretty cool of him to do.

8. Terry Crews


In case you've missed it, Terry Crews has been a trending topic in the new lately. While he's well known for his roles in Everybody Hates Chris, White Chicks, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, he's been in the limelight for a different reason. At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for the Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights in June, Crews came forward about his own sexual assault story that occurred in 2016. While he received backlash from certain groups, he's still stood strong against his story and influences people everywhere to be strong and not afraid to stand against sexual assault crimes.

9. Michael Phelps


Ask anyone if they've heard of Michael Phelps and the answer will always be yes. If they say no, then they're lying. He's the most decorated Olympic athlete, brought in many medals for America, and is an actual freak of nature when it comes to swimming. I grew up as a competitive swimmer, so he was always one of my biggest role models. While Phelps did have some rough moments during his career, he made a comeback both in the pool and with his reputation. Now, he's retired (maybe, who knows at this point?), married, and has an adorable baby. He also raced a shark last year during Shark Week. He's definitely got it figured out.

10. Lili Reinhart


Most people may know her as the (not-so) innocent Betty Cooper from The CW's newest hit show, Riverdale. She plays Betty's character so well, truly portraying the emotions Betty deals with throughout the show. She also pairs with Cole Sprouse's character, Jughead Jones, perfectly, making them a truly iconic duo. Besides her on-screen appearance, Reinhart is known for being very body positive, calling out magazines and clothing lines that touch up their models' photos. She's also spoken about her struggles with body dysmorphia and mental illnesses. She's a great role model for girls, especially some younger viewers of Riverdale.

11. Jesus


I know this one may seem cheesy, but as I get older, I strive to live my life as Jesus did. He loved everyone, preached good news, and was such a positive influence, no matter what people said about him. He sacrificed himself for out sins and still loves us no matter what. He may not fall under what society considers a "celebrity", but in my eyes, he's the best role model and idol for all.

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