Cats Vs Dogs

I have been around dogs and cats for almost my entire life. I like dogs sometimes, don't get me wrong. However, I will always prefer cats to dogs.

2. Purrs.

3. They do not bark.

They are more quiet overall.

4. They (almost) always land on their feet.

They are more agile.

5. They do not need to go outside to do their business.

They do not need to be walked.

6. They keep themselves clean.

Alex Claycomb

My one cat likes to be a good "big brother" and bathe his siblings.

7. They require less attention.

Although sometimes they want attention when you are busy with something.

8. They (generally) take up less space.

Alex Claycomb

9. Less expensive to adopt.

Less expensive to take care of.

10. Their average lifespan is longer.

Alex Claycomb

A cat's average lifespan is 13-17 years. My cat Sasha, pictured above, is 17 now.

11. They are more alert.


Alex Claycomb

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