5 Perfect Places For Rainy Autumn Days
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5 Perfect Places For Rainy Autumn Days

Cats, teas and pastries.

5 Perfect Places For Rainy Autumn Days

Cool rains are the epitome of fall: not so warm as to be the warm spring sprinklings that gloss the flowers in a dewy sheen, not so cold as to be the frigid winter frosts that wrap around the barest branches in crystalline white. Cool rains are the symbiotic companion to fleece leggings and cozy sweaters, warm mufflers and slouching beanies, long-sleeved dresses and pea coats, and joggers and over-sized hoodies. Cool rains are the soothing pitter-patter accompanist to steaming cups of green tea, chai embellished with milky swirls, and tall mugs of dark, smooth coffee. Without further ado, here are 5 places to revel in that perfect autumn rain atmosphere.

1. Denver Cat Company

It can only be described as heaven on earth for any cat lover. Grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and play with the dozens of adorable cats who have been rescued and are looking to be adopted. There’s free wifi, board games, cat toys, and tables for those who would like to get some work done (if you can skirt the temptation of playing with kitties… or manage to push that one purring feline off of your laptop!)

2. The French Press

Located in the heart of Belmar, The French Press is a cozy cafe and bakery that serves satisfyingly delicious breakfasts and lunches, pastries, baked goods, and a wide variety of coffees and teas. While this may not be the best place to pound out some work, it’s perfect for a warm, friendly brunch date inside from the cool rains.

3. St. Mark’s Coffeehouse

St. Mark’s Coffeehouse was a former garage that has been renovated into a coffeehouse. It’s filled to the brim with odd quirks and mismatched decorations, from two random Game of Thrones-esque chairs in the middle of the cafe to the myriads of colored glass bottles lining the shelves to the Chinese paper lanterns hanging outside. Outside of the garage door are long, wide wooden tables sheltered under umbrellas, and inside the seating consists of mismatched tables and benches and ceilings strung with Christmas lights.

4. Tattered Cover Bookstore

Browsing books in the rain is synonymous with cozy autumn activities. Enjoy wandering though a labyrinth of endless ideas, thick bound novels, crisp little paperbacks, and fantastical children’s books that have yet to lose an ounce of their magic. I don’t think I need to elaborate much more because everyone knows how soothing and spectacular bookstores are.

5. Home

Waddle down to the kitchen while swathed in your pajamas, throw a tea packet in a mug and fill it with hot water and a touch of milk, grab a cookie from the pantry, and pick up your cat on the way back to your room. Put on that Studio Ghibli movie (or Netflix, if you must), pull your curtains to the side, and watch the drops of rain slide down the window pane. Enjoy the warmth of your toes in your fuzzy socks and relish not having to move much farther than a couple of feet to relish the autumn rain.

Autumn rain gives me an excuse to indulge in soothing lethargy. Delight in these places that will turn your rainy days into perfectly lazy adventures.

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