I am 100% positive the entire world is aware of the fact that "Game of Thrones"' last season began in mid-April. It is all over social media and so many brands are endorsing the series, such as Oreos and Johnnie Walker Whiskey. Plus, if your friends are anything like mine, they are all watching it.

"Game of Thrones" is everywhere, and if you are anything like me, you are enticed to watch. But how do you catch up, especially without adequate time to binge?

In order to binge seasons 1-7, without stopping it would take 2 days, 18 hours, and 40 minutes.

There are seven seasons and they are currently in season eight, it is a lot of content, a lot of heavy content at that. So, I am going to let y'all in on how I got caught up in the least amount of time possible.

Lucky for me, I started catching up in February, so I had about two and a half months to catch up. However, not so lucky for me, I have the attention of a housefly, so I had to figure out how to knock out each season quickly.

Step 1 was finding a nice friend or two to discuss my findings based on everything I watched.

I started watching and finished season 1. This season is quite important for learning the characters especially. Or you can just watch character videos on YouTube. I relied on both.

Next, I turned to YouTube for episode and season recap videos.

Instead of binging the seasons, I binged YouTube videos. I would also utilize my friends for discussion upon watching these videos.

However, there are some important scenes you may want to see, for both the excitement factor and just to admire how amazing the filmwork is. I was lucky enough that my friends would tell me which episodes I should specifically watch for these scenes (not going to mention them because I do not want to spoil anything).

My last step: I started season 8!

Now that I am in season 8 with everyone else, I am hype.

My only advice that may be helpful for you when you reach season 8 is to keep those friend discussions going and read up on fan theories. The fan theories reference past seasons and sometimes may provide something you missed while you were trying to catch up. They are also a conversation starter. Plus, the memes that flood social media after each episode are hilarious!