Everyone needs a pick me up for those days that aren't the best. Sometimes it's a person, but for me, it's looking up cat gifs on the internet and laughing hysterically as my poor roommate judges me. Therefore, I have compiled a list thirteen cat gifs just for you. Hopefully, they make you smile or laugh like they did for me.

The new actor for the next Lion King is revealed.

Jeffery finds that power by tail is ineffective so far...

The only version of Jaws I'll watch.

Ok but... that tail...

My professors are great and all, but if this cat was teaching, attendance would be at 100%

We all have that one friend that we can be stupid with and the other that is present, but not participating in the stupidity and judging us with the rest of the population.

Teenagers will understand.

Too cute not to include.

It's just a gif, but admit it, you can hear it. The song.

Om nom.

Macaroon goes macaroll.

When that person gets up to go get snacks or use the restroom during a movie.