About a month ago, my roommate and I decided it would be an awesome idea to rescue a kitten that was stuck underneath a dumpster. Although my roommate and I never thought of a tiny addition to the family, we still decided to invite her into our home, but we've learned some things about cats that we had no clue about. Since she was so young we decided that we needed Google's help on caring for her, who knew Google could ever be wrong?

1. Don’t buy toys

When I first rescued my kitten my roommate and I went out to the store and bought her a bunch of balls with bells inside, scratching post, and a stick with a little furry tail-like thing at the end of it. When we came home we find out that she enjoyed the receipt from PetSmart rather than the toys we got her.

2. Sleep safely

When it comes to sleeping at night make sure you keep your legs and arms are under the covers. Remember back when you were six years old and afraid that the monsters were going to pull you out of bed if your hand was even sticking out? Well you were wrong, if you thought monsters were scary you should be more afraid of your cat thinking that your big toe is a mouse at the end of the bed more than anything.

3. Do your homework at school

If you want to sit on the couch or in your bed and get some late night studying in, don’t. Your cat will hate that you aren’t giving them all of your attention and sit on your laptop or books. There logic is, "You won't pay attention to me, then you'll pay attention to nothing!"

4. Get use to having no personal space

When it comes time for your cat to want to find somewhere to sleep or lay-down just let them lay wherever they want to. Now whether they want to lay on your shoulder, lap, or on top of the chair you were just going to sit in, they don’t care. I learned really fast that no matter how many times you remove them from an area, they will always come back.

5. "Plus one"

When it comes to eating, your cat will feel left out. My cat likes to pretend that she is another human and sit at the dinner table with us watching us eat to the very last bite. Once you finish your meal the annoyance doesn’t stop there, now they want to know where you’re going with those plates that had the delicious smelling food on it and left over foods, following you to the kitchen. Think it stops there? No. They will sit at your feet hoping you drop something a little special for them because they’ve been so sweet to you, so you have to watch for tails.

6.Reasons for Meow-ing

Everyone knows that cats constantly meow, but why? Here are some reasons why.

1. There is water in the bowl but not enough to satisfy their god like needs

2. When they cannot find their human

3. When they find their human

4. When they want to be rubbed, but only once or twice because more than three times accounts as playing and biting.

5. When talk to them, but only if you have a talkative cat. Cats who don't usually meow when you talk to them don't hate you, they are probably just wondering what made you think that they could possibly understand the words coming out of your mouth.

7. Love them

If there is one thing I have learned the past couple of weeks from my cat its that she needs a lot of love. When I come home from a long day of work or a long night in the library I know that she will always welcome me, but its only because she knows that when I come home I will pet her until she starts purring like a brand new mustang.